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SederLaw‘s International Transactions area, a subset of our Business & Corporate Law group, provides seamless assistance in all types of cross-border transactions spanning a wide variety of industries, including, but not limited to: banking and financial services; real estate; agricultural; manufacturing; lumber; telecommunications; food and beverage; apparel; information systems; and electronics. Members of the our practice group have counseled clients in transactions all over the globe, including Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Russian Federation, Middle East and Asia and the Pacific Rim.

The International Transactions area focuses primarily on assisting U.S. companies with a wide variety of overseas global transactions, ranging from the negotiation and formation of contractual arrangements to the complexities involved in establishing direct investments or obtaining financing overseas. On the flip side, when a foreign company is considering establishing an operation in the United States, our specially trained attorneys rely on and utilize a cross-disciplinary and cross-practice area approach to provide important counseling to identify domestic legal issues and delivery prompt, responsive and transparent advice concerning federal, state and local incentives, capital investment, intellectual propertylitigation, environmental compliance, taxationemployment and personnel matters. Because our International Transactions group is comprised of attorneys who also routinely practice in these areas, they are able to provide valuable assistance during this initial planning stage to avoid future problems and minimize organizational costs.

Our expert attorneys, in conjunction with attorneys from our Litigation & ADR practice group, represents clients in commercial disputes involving international legal issues in various federal courts and also has experience using alternative dispute resolution procedures, including those of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

SederLaw attorneys in the International Transactions are have extensive experience in planning, structuring and implementing various international business transactions. Our attorneys provide assistance to lenders, manufacturers/sellers or other parties extending financing in an international transaction including guarantees (parent company, private or public) and the availability, structuring and proper drafting of letters of credit, negotiable instruments, documentary collections, counter-trade and receivables financing.

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Our International Transactions attorneys also regularly advise clients in transactions involving international hedging techniques, such as forward exchange contracts and interest rate swaps; and also regularly assist clients with negotiating and drafting various strategic transactions, contractual joint ventures and consortiums, manufacturing and partnering agreements, license agreements, distribution and representation agreements, software development agreements, maintenance and service agreements, e-commerce contracting, confidentiality agreements, employee invention assignment agreements, consulting agreements and independent contractor agreements. Contact our office today.