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Whether you are operating a franchise as a franchisee or offering franchises as a franchisor, you are likely to face a broad variety of legal and regulatory issues specific to franchises. With the backing of a strong entrepreneurial business sense, together with the expertise and skillsets drawn from several of our diverse practice areas, SederLaw attorneys fully understand the ins and outs of franchising and advise clients on Franchise Law matters in a wide array of situations.

Our Franchise Law attorneys are experienced in assisting both start-up and mature franchisors and franchisees with developing, licensing and protecting their various rights, franchises and distribution systems; and, in the case of franchisees, ensuring compliance with the complex myriad of rules and provisions that are often imposed upon their franchisee businesses by franchisors. As part of this practice, we counsel companies regarding the laws and regulations pertaining to both franchising and operating a franchise and assist them in creating and negotiating their contracts and agreements, franchise disclosure documents, intellectual property rights and other critical operational documents.

SederLaw‘s Franchise Law attorneys are skilled at navigating the challenges that arise for both franchisors and franchisees in a variety of industries, including retailers; indoor game and amusement parks; restaurants (including both full and fast food service restaurants); insurance; healthcare and home health services; real estate; wine, beer and alcohol distribution and service; professional services companies; and automotive dealerships.

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When disputes arise, attorneys in our Franchise Law group have the knowledge and experience to help guide our clients through every kind of legal proceeding. With our experience in mediation, arbitration, and litigation, we understand the risks inherent in the relationship and work with our clients so that they can focus on franchise brand and system growth. Our lawyers keep informed and abreast of new laws and court decisions that can impact the outcome of a dispute, and we use our experience and knowledge to help our clients make decisions that account for the variety of challenges that a franchise client will face. Contact our office today.