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When do Massachusetts judges order supervised visitation?

Some of our more frequent Worcester readers can attest to the fact that not all child custody cases are a challenge. Sometimes, simple guidance from the courts is all parents need in order to come to a fair and reasonable visitation agreement that allows both parents to maintain a relationship with their child or children. But as you can imagine, some cases can involve issues that might make a resolution less straightforward.

Talk show host facing 2 separate child custody disputes

Divorce can be heated as it is, but when child custody becomes an issue, it can become downright nasty. Parents will often slam the other in an attempt to obtain sole custody of their child and to force the other parent to pay child support. While some of the issues raised during these disputes are irrelevant, others may directly pertain to the child's best interests, the determinative factor a judge used to make reach a final decision.

Social media can affect child custody cases

Divorce is rarely easy, but it can be especially difficult when children are involved. Oftentimes, parents who are going through a divorce will battle over custody of their children. These disputes can be emotionally charged, causing arguments that affect both parents and their children. Though a final child custody determination is based on a child's best interests, divorcing parents should be aware that some acts can hurt their claims in such a dispute.

Planning may be crucial for Massachusetts child custody battles

Many of Massachusetts' residents know a divorce can raise a whole host of legal issues. While some worry about property division and alimony, others are primarily concerned with child custody. Though many Massachusetts Child Custody cases result in joint physical custody, some parents may feel sole custody supports the child's best interests. Those who seek to obtain sole custody often face a long, hard road full of opposition. For this reason, it is a good idea to be as prepared as possible before heading down that path.

Father of children with Nazi-inspired names denied child custody

A New Jersey father has once again been denied custody after petitioning the court for visitation rights to his youngest son. Not the average child custody case, the father came to a hearing on the matter last month dressed in a Nazi uniform. In keeping with his attire, the 40-year-old father had also given all his children Nazi-inspired names.

Bethenny Frankel and husband battle over child custody

Child custody and visitation issues can quickly turn a divorce into a contested legal battle. It appears that is the case for reality star Bethenny Frankel and her estranged husband. In her divorce petition, the reality star requested primary custody of the couple's 2-year-old daughter and child support. She has also asked that he pay medical and dental bills, and for exclusive use of the marital residence. In response to the petition, her husband has requested all of the same items - including primary custody of their daughter and child support.

Mother granted child custody despite time behind bars

Since a child's welfare is of utmost importance to parents, child custody disputes are often very emotional. Massachusetts child custody and visitation cases are decided based on what is in the best interests of the child. In general, a secure and loving relationship with both parents is presumed to be in a child's best interests. However, many cases involve the suitability of a parent and the safety of a child in that parent's care. Drug abuse, alcoholism and family violence are serious problems that must be addressed before custody or unsupervised visitation will be awarded.

Massachusetts Convicted Felon Seeks Child Visitation Rights

Child custody disputes are emotional for both parents and children. As the parties try to reach an agreement over visitation rights, tensions may build as both parents worry about their child's welfare. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the court system is called upon to make a decision.

Grandparents Provide Assistance to Grandchildren More Frequently Than Ever

More and more frequently, grandparents find themselves providing assistance to their grandchildren, ranging from occasional assistance to covering all of their daily costs of living. Yet, all it takes is for the parents of the grandchildren to split up, and grandparents lose contact with their grandchildren while still providing financial support.

When Parents Divorce, Grandparents Often Help Out Without Visitation Rights

The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is special, but when divorce occurs that relationship can be strained, especially if bad blood exists between a grandparent and a parent or if the parent with custody moves out of the area. Even though grandparents often provide support to parents and grandchildren alike, they generally are not entitled to visitation rights.

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