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Are there signs of divorce for Massachusetts' couples?

Marriages often go through highs and lows. But are there signs that a marriage is headed for divorce? The answer is: maybe. Some experts believe there are clear cut signs that a divorce is on the horizon, while others may be doubtful. Either way, Massachusetts residents should take note of the following signs of a souring marriage and ask themselves if it is time for them to move on.

Massachusetts bill could help 'protect children' during divorce

Any Massachusetts couple going through a divorce knows that discussing things like property division and spousal support are not easy. The situation may be even more difficult when children are involved, as any good parent wants what is best for their children.

Remaining in marriage for kids' sake may not be best

The decision to get divorced is almost always difficult to make, but it can be especially hard when children are involved. Many couples feel it is better for the children for the marriage to remain intact. While parents may think having both parents present in the household provides a stable, welcoming and comfortable home, the truth may be different.

Debunking child custody myths in a Massachusetts divorce

There have always been myths associated with child support payments and child custody. The counsel of an experienced Worcester Divorce Lawyer can be imperative when questions arise, because many myths are not founded in fact nor law. For instance, many people believe that if they are not current on their support payments, this may interfere with Child custody and visitation. However, this is simply not true. The confusion often arises from the complexities of the family law system.

New paternity lawsuit filed against NBA star Michael Jordan

In a new paternity lawsuit, a 32-year-old woman recently sued former basketball star Michael Jordan claiming he is the father of her young daughter. Court documents allege the woman gave birth in 2010 following an affair with the National Basketball Association legend. The mother of the two-year-old is asking for child support in her paternity suit and has made public statements on a social media website. Attorneys for Jordan allege paternity for the child at issue was established a year ago.

Rape victim files suit against MA over child support order

Readers of our Massachusetts family law blog may be interested to learn of the progression of a Child support and visitation case that continues to grab headlines. The woman involved has sued Massachusetts for forcing her to have a relationship with her rapist. The victim became pregnant after the rape and had a baby in 2009.

NBA star and ex-wife reach $5 million divorce settlement

As readers of our Worchester family law blog may be aware, professional basketball player Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife have finally reached a settlement in a drawn out public divorce battle. The Miami Heat National Basketball Association player and his ex-wife recently reached a $5 million divorce settlement. Wade will pay out the multi-million dollar settlement in addition to several other stipulations. His ex-wife will receive the former couple's mansion in Chicago and four cars. The pair has also signed a "non-disparage" agreement which prohibits either from degrading one another to the public.

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