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Study finds view of prenuptial agreements varies among genders

As previously discussed in our Worchester family law blog, marital agreements no longer carry the stigma associated with them in the past. Massachusetts family law attorneys use prenuptial agreements as a tool to assist clients in the division of their assets in the worst case scenario. Prenups are planning devices that can actually help foster a harmonious marriage.

Prenups help Massachusetts couples plan for the future

Readers in Worcester probably know there are numerous benefits to entering into a prenuptial agreement. The stigma associated with these marital agreements is virtually a thing of the past. Couples find that prenuptial agreements actually help to promote a harmonious marriage, especially since one of the leading factors of divorce is disagreement over finances.

Prenuptial agreements beneficial for Massachusetts couples

Readers of our Massachusetts blog may be interested to know there are numerous benefits to marital agreements, despite the stigma associated with these documents in the past. Many people view these agreements as planning for a divorce, however that is rarely the case. After speaking to a Massachusetts family law attorney, couples may discover that these documents are actually a beneficial tool to keep a marriage harmonious and assets and investments organized.

The benefits of a Massachusetts marital agreement

Although not incredibly romantic, asset and financial planning for a marriage has many benefits. Whether to enter into a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement is a very personal decision. Many factors must be taken into consideration to determine whether doing so may be the right choice for your particular situation. A Massachusetts divorce attorney can discuss with you the pros and cons of entering into one of these marital agreements.

Customizing prenuptial agreements for Massachusetts couples

As society's view of marriage and divorce has changed over the past several decades, there is no longer the stigma associated with marital agreements that there was in the past. Documents such as premarital agreements are useful, customizable tools that couples can use to avoid future conflict and keep assets separate. This allows couples to focus on more important things - such as a happy and healthy marriage.

The Unromantic Side of Marriage: Why You Should Have a Prenuptial Agreement

As many couples prepare for their wedding, the last issue they want to discuss is prenuptial agreements. Some believe the mere mention of the words signify a level of mistrust or is an indication that a divorce is already part of the plan. However, many view such agreements as a way to avoid future conflicts; preferences regarding financial planning, housing, child care and the like can be discussed and committed to paper before disagreements arise.

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