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Businesses can take smart steps before mergers and acquisitions

Sometimes, it is in the best interest of two companies to join together and become one business entity. If one of the companies happens to be larger, this is usually called an acquisition. However, any transaction aimed at combining separate companies is technically considered a merger. Here is a look at what mergers and acquisitions involve, as well as how to go about them in Massachusetts.

Dealing with legal contracts during a merger

Taking part in a merger in Massachusetts can understandably be exciting. At the same time, mergers and acquisitions can be very complicated due to the many complex stages involved. These stages range from engaging in financial negotiations to closing the transaction.

Mergers and acquisitions can be complicated to navigate

Owning a business comes with ups and downs, and the ins and outs of each stage can no doubt be confusing. Mergers and acquisitions can especially be complicated to deal with, no matter how large or small the involved businesses are. Fortunately, an attorney in Massachusetts can guide you as a business owner through these processes.

Charter-Time Warner deal may unnerve some shareholders

A lot of people here in Massachusetts, as well as across the nation, are talking about the deal that was struck recently by Charter Communications Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc. The merger between the two companies, who have long lived in the shadow of the powerhouse cable provider Comcast Corp, will strengthen their position within the cable industry, potentially even giving Comcast a run for its money down the road.

Hospital merger discussed at Massachusetts hearing

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's goal of acquiring Jordan Hospital was recently evaluated in an open public hearing in Kingston. Jordan employees who attended the hearing sought promises that the proposed business sale wouldn't lead to firings, but they also expressed their hopes that the proposed merger would improve the budget situation at the smaller local care facility.

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