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Demand for commercial real estate rises in the life sciences

The industry of the life sciences is growing exponentially throughout the United States, including Massachusetts, with biotechnology and medical technology especially taking off. This phenomenon is taking place because pharmaceutical companies are joining with incubator labs and startups in an effort to drive brand-new research/development. With this rise in life science innovation comes rising demand for commercial real estate that can accommodate such activities.

Commercial real estate experiencing high sales, prices

Nonresidential property sales reached closed to record levels last year, with private fund managers completing some of the largest deals. Experts say that 2019 should also see strong sales, especially with the interest rates remaining low. This is excellent news for Massachusetts investors who are interested in purchasing commercial real estate in the Bay State this year.

Commercial real estate industry offers many pros to investors

According to traditional wisdom, investing in nonresidential properties in Massachusetts and elsewhere is a smart move. However, is this still true in 2019, particularly in the commercial real estate industry? According to industry experts, investing in commercial real estate indeed still has quite a few pros worth paying attention to.

Commercial real estate may experience AI revolution

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, continues to impact a multitude of sectors in Massachusetts. Therefore, the commercial real estate may soon experience an AI revolution. According to industry experts, AI could very well help the industry to be more service oriented, profitable and efficient.

Commercial real estate industry expected to thrive in 2019

Industry experts recently reported that 2018 was excellent for non-residential property investors. This year is expected to be another successful year for commercial real estate. For this reason, real estate investors in Massachusetts have a great deal to be excited about in the coming months.

Stock market can impact commercial real estate investing

According to experts, the month of December ended up being the toughest month for the stock market since the 2008 recession. This has caused anxiety about what will take place in the global economy in the near future. However, many investors in Massachusetts may also be wondering how the stock market situation impacts the commercial real estate field.

Multiple situations can create commercial real estate vacancies

The economy appears to be in somewhat of a cooling-off phase in the United States, including in Massachusetts. However, commercial real estate may still be a viable area in which to invest -- specifically, vacant properties. Here are a few situations that create vacancies in the real estate market.

Several steps may help with purchasing commercial real estate

Buying nonresidential property can be a major move for any investor, especially for those who have never gone through the process before. It requires preparation and planning in order to achieve favorable results. Here is a glimpse at what steps investors should ideally take to protect their best interests when purchasing commercial real estate in Massachusetts.

2019 commercial real estate trends appear promising

The world of investing in real property remains robust in Massachusetts, leaving many investors excited about remaining active in this field. But what exactly does the future of commercial real estate investing look like? Here is a rundown on a few trends that investors can expect to dominate next year.

Distribution, data centers booming in commercial real estate

As investors draw closer to wrapping up 2018, they may naturally be planning for their future moves. Specifically, investors in Massachusetts may wonder what areas of commercial real estate will likely be the most lucrative in 2019. Here is a glimpse at what experts are saying about the industry's current and future areas of potential.

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