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Business litigation involves alleged copyright infringement

A company responsible for collecting artists' and songwriters' royalties recently decided to sue 12 establishments in various states, including one in Massachusetts, for copyright infringement. According to the company that initiated the business litigation, the establishments were playing the artists' music without paying the artists. Any business owner in Massachusetts who feels that he or she is a victim of copyright infringement can likewise seek justice through the civil court system.

Supplier files breach of contract suit against Dick's

A company in another state recently claimed that Dick's Sporting Goods abruptly stopped its sale of certain  weapons. In addition, the sporting goods store reportedly refused to accept the company's ammunition deliveries despite having ordered them. As a result, the company has decided to file a breach of contract claim against Dick's. Likewise, companies in Massachusetts that feel that they have been negatively impacted by a breach of contract can seek justice through the civil court system.

Five steps for planning ahead to avoid discrimination lawsuits

One of a company's worst nightmares is to be accused of discriminating against an employee. Not only can this take a toll on your company's reputation, but it can also impact your bottom line if the employee sues you. Here are five ways you can plan ahead to avoid discrimination and harassment lawsuits in Massachusetts.

Dealing with probate litigation on large estates

Losing a loved one can understandably be difficult to deal with emotionally. However, dealing with the estate that the individual left behind -- especially if it is a large one -- can be just as challenging. An attorney in Massachusetts can help you to effectively deal with the delays and issues that are common when dealing with probate on large estates.

Business litigation may help those facing eminent domain

Your business property is highly valuable from both a personal and a financial standpoint. Naturally, you would feel violated if the government threatened to take your property, and you may wonder whether you could use business litigation to fight this threat. Here is a look at what your rights are regarding eminent domain in Massachusetts.

Business litigation may be necessary after filing insurance claim

One of the worst things that can happen to you as a Massachusetts business owner is to watch a destructive event occur on your property. Unfortunately, theft, an accident or a fire can occur at any time, in which case you can file a claim with your insurance company. Here is a glimpse at how to go about the claims process and what your options are -- for example, business litigation -- should you encounter issues during this process.

Detailed employee handbook can help to avoid business litigation

It is critical that businesses throughout Massachusetts communicate their policies and vision clearly. This is why your business needs solid employee manuals, handbooks and training materials. Hiring an attorney to guide you in developing these materials can help you to avoid unwanted business litigation down the road.

Cryptocurrencies must be addressed in estate planning, too

During the past year, cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, have created massive wealth for investors who trade them. Unfortunately, many of these investors in Massachusetts and elsewhere have not thought seriously about estate planning for these assets. Here is a glimpse at how to handle cryptocurrencies in estate planning.

Bad faith insurance dispute may not require business litigation

You naturally trust insurance companies to come through for you when you need them the most in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, sometimes, insurance companies engage in bad faith practices involving insurance claims such as liability or property claims. However, if you are a business owner, business litigation is not your only option for addressing this issue. Likewise, if you are an individual, you may not necessarily have to fight a lawsuit to seek justice. Instead, you may be able to take advantage of advocation, arbitration or mediation with the help of an attorney.

Business litigation may result from violation of banking laws

Remaining cutting edge in the area of technology is critical in any industry, including in banking. For this reason, mobile and online banking are staples at just about all banking institutions in Massachusetts and elsewhere today. The question that many customers have, however, is how do commercial financial and banking laws apply to them? Banks that have not figured this out can easily find themselves becoming the subjects of business litigation.

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