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Divorce process does not have to be a painful one

People who are going through a divorce in Massachusetts may understandably feel as though they are walking through a minefield. Sadly, the emotional explosions that often take place during the divorce process can leave scars that linger long term. Some tips, though, may help divorcing individuals to keep the marital breakup process as peaceful and painless as possible when tackling issues like property division.

Divorce process does not have to be emotionally destructive

People in Massachusetts often envision divorce as an antagonistic ordeal. The truth is, though, two individuals can actually have a smooth divorce process. Here is a look at some commonly made mistakes that can make these family law proceedings challenging from an emotional standpoint.

Steps can help with navigating divorce process, property division

Many individuals in Massachusetts may be contemplating the idea of getting divorced. The problem is, they do not know exactly where to start, especially when they have to make major decisions involving property division and alimony. Here is a rundown on how to go about divorce in Massachusetts.

Divorce process involving high-value assets can be complex

The process of getting divorced can certainly take a toll on a person emotionally, but it can be just as difficult financially. This is particularly the case for those with high-value assets. Here is a look at what the divorce process entails if you have significant debts or assets in Massachusetts.

Dealing with division of foreign assets during divorce process

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can understandably be complicated from a financial standpoint, especially if you have several assets or have many high-value assets. If you and your future ex-spouse have real estate and other assets in foreign countries, this complicates matters even more. Here is a glimpse at what you need to do if you have foreign assets to divide during the divorce process.

Getting divorced from your business partner

Every divorce comes with its own unique challenges. In your case, your problem may be determining what to do if your soon-to-be ex-spouse also happens to be your business partner. For instance, how do you restructure your company in Massachusetts, and how do you go about the business buyout and/or valuation process? Here is a glimpse at what the  divorce process entails when a family business is at the center of it.

Property division involving business may spark conflict

Divorce is one of the most difficult experiences a person may go through both emotionally and financially. However, if a divorcing spouse owns a business and has a business partner, this only complicates the divorce process. Here is a look at how businesses are handled when it comes to property division during divorce proceedings in Massachusetts.

Debt and property division may pose challenges during divorce

Without a doubt, getting divorced is not an easy process emotionally or financially in Massachusetts. One of the most challenging aspects of divorce to address is property division. This is particularly true for divorcing spouses who have large amounts of credit card to divide along with assets such as money and real estate.

401(k) division can be tricky during the divorce process

Keeping one's retirement assets intact is critical for creating the most financially stable future possible. This is why the division of retirement assets can be so unsettling for those going through the divorce process in Massachusetts and elsewhere. A particular aspect of the division of retirement benefits that can especially cause confusion is the splitting of a 401(k).

QDRO an important part of divorce process

During the dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts, assets are typically divided. However, the division process does not happen automatically with retirement plans. This is why a qualified domestic relations order, or a QDRO, is an important part of the divorce process when retirement funds are involved.

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