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Prenuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements Archives

Prenuptial agreements can help those marrying later in life

A New York Times article titled "Millennials in No Rush to the Altar", explored recent trends surrounding Millennials, marriage and children. The article reports that "Young adults are not only marrying and having children later in life than previous generations but taking more time to get to know each other before they tie the knot." (Rabin)

Prenuptial agreements may help dog owners during divorce

Many pet owners in Massachusetts adore their dogs, viewing them as immediate family members. Therefore, it is easy to see why divorce can spark bitter battles between two people who share a dog. However, an increasing number of dog owners are deciding to put together pet prenuptial agreements prior to getting hitched to prevent such battles.

Prenuptial agreements may especially help small business owners

Aside from having a baby, getting married is among the most exciting events two people can experience. However, before walking down the aisle, couples may benefit from creating and signing prenuptial agreements. This is particularly true for those who are small business owners in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Prenuptial agreements better than using separate bank accounts

Entering into a premarital agreement may seem like a quick path to getting divorced in the near future. However, premarital agreements -- which are also commonly known as prenuptial agreements -- can actually be helpful for a marriage, as they allow couples in Massachusetts to discuss their finances and marital expectations before they walk down the aisle. These agreements essentially spell out both parties' rights, as well as their obligations, in the event they get divorced.

Prenuptial agreements offer many advantages

The decision of whether or not to enter into any kind of formal legal agreement before getting married is a personal one. In some cases, couples who are about to get married in the state of Massachusetts prefer not to enter into a prenuptial agreement because they assume that their marriages will last. However, prenuptial agreements offer several benefits in the event of divorce, which are not always avoidable.

Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements can address assets, debt

When people in Massachusetts think about a prenup or postnup, they may immediately think about celebrities and the messy divorces they experience. In reality, a difficult divorce can happen to a person at any income level. It makes good sense for couples to get prenuptial agreements before saying their vows, or post\-nuptial agreements after I Dos have already been exchanged.

Prenuptial agreements can protect intellectual ideas

Millennials in Massachusetts and elsewhere place more value on experiences than they do on possessions. In the same way, the latest trend shows that when it comes to prenuptial agreements, millennials place just as much value on their ideas that they do on their money. More millennials are seeking to protect their intellectual property in the event of a future divorce, as they realize that divorce rates today are higher than they have been in decades past.

Prenuptial agreements can help to protect one's finances

When couples marry, they likely do not anticipate the marriage will end in divorce. A prenuptial agreement essentially dictates which spouse will get what if they end up divorcing in Massachusetts. Although this type of agreement sometimes gets a bad rap, prenuptial agreements are known to soothe the hard feelings and complexities that come with divorce. Getting one drawn up before walking down the aisle can help a person to protect himself or herself financially in the event that divorce is inevitable down the road.

Prenuptial contracts can organize assets for cohabitating couples

Same-sex couples now have the legal right to marry anywhere in the United States, which is a wonderful step toward achieving the financial and contractual benefits offered by a legal marital classification. However, that status is only prospective, and may not accurately represent the various arrangements that a same-sex couple has been enjoying for years.

It is up to you and your spouse to decide on a prenup

Deciding whether a prenuptial agreement is right for you and your spouse is a personal decision that only the two of you can make together. But in making that decision, you can be setting yourself up for a healthy marriage while still protecting yourself in case a divorce were to arise in the future.

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