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Divorce can affect college application process

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can understandably be emotionally and financially tough to navigate. This is true for any parent going through divorce, but it is also the case for any children experiencing it. A particular area that may be impacted by divorce is the eligibility of a child for financial aid.

Divorce can impact people financially in several ways in 2018

The process of getting divorced in Massachusetts can understandably be overwhelming both emotionally and financially. After all, it involves several moving parts that have potentially long-lasting impacts. Here is a glimpse at how divorce can impact a person's retirement, taxes and financial status in 2018.

Divorce mediation, litigation require different amounts of time

Going through a marital breakup in Massachusetts is anything but easy from both an emotional and a financial standpoint. As a result, two spouses would likely want to complete the divorce process as soon as possible. This may be possible with mediation, although the opposite is often true with divorce litigation.

Baby boomers choosing divorce for various reasons

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can understandably be hard to navigate both financially and emotionally. This is the case no matter how long or short of a time two people have been united in marriage. However, divorce is becoming more common among older individuals. Here is a glimpse at the reason behind this phenomenon.

Divorce chances increase due to specific risk factors

People in Massachusetts generally do not enter marriage with the expectation of getting divorced. However, life happens, and sometimes, divorce is unavoidable. Research shows that a couple of personal characteristics increase a person's chances of getting divorced.

Divorce does have its perks

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts certainly has its challenges. For example, it is not uncommon for divorcing couples to have disagreements regarding who should get custody of the children or gets to keep the marital home. However, divorce does have a few positives, too.

Prenuptial agreements may not be enforceable in certain scenarios

Sometimes, marriages do not last, no matter how hard two spouses try to make it work. When divorce cannot be avoided, one of the most valuable tools a couple in Massachusetts can have in their arsenal is a prenuptial agreement. However, prenuptial agreements are worthwhile only if they are created properly.

Pets becoming even more of a fighting point during divorce

When two spouses decide to get divorced, they split their property and usually share custody of the children. However, what happens to Rufus, their dog? If they both have an affinity for Man's Best Friend, this can easily spark conflict during a divorce proceeding in Massachusetts.

Securing financial future after divorce is possible

A marital breakup in Massachusetts can be emotionally and financially difficult at any age. However, those above 50 face an extra challenge, in that they do not have many years to bounce back from divorce financially before they reach retirement age. A couple of tips may help these individuals to prepare effectively for retirement in the years ahead.

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