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Distribution, data centers booming in commercial real estate

As investors draw closer to wrapping up 2018, they may naturally be planning for their future moves. Specifically, investors in Massachusetts may wonder what areas of commercial real estate will likely be the most lucrative in 2019. Here is a glimpse at what experts are saying about the industry's current and future areas of potential.

Tax reform benefiting commercial real estate industry

As the property industry continues to thrive in Massachusetts and elsewhere, some current or prospective investors may be wondering what exactly is driving the industry's growth. The reality is that tax reform might be contributing to the recent increase in commercial real estate transaction volumes. Here is a glimpse at how the current tax situation is positively impacting the real estate world in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Commercial real estate may draw more investors

During the month of October, the stock market was extremely volatile. As a result, many investors in Massachusetts may feel nervous about continuing to invest in bonds and stocks. Many of these investors may end up turning to commercial real estate instead in the months to come.

Commercial real estate offers promise for investors

Massachusetts investors who have primarily focused on residential real estate may want to switch to nonresidential properties in the near future. This is because commercial real estate features multiple benefits over its residential counterpart. Here are a few of them.

Downsizing taking center stage in commercial real estate

The property industry continues to soar in Massachusetts and elsewhere. However, the demand for large spaces and longer-term office leases is dwindling. Instead, downsizing is taking center stage, which will no doubt impact how investors approach their commercial real estate transactions in the months ahead.

The legal hurdles of urban renewal

Urban centers throughout Massachusetts and other states are constantly undergoing gentrification. Gentrification, the process by which old buildings can be rehabilitated with the goal of drawing more affluent people, can certainly help with renewing existing neighborhoods. However, it can also pose hurdles for you if you are a commercial real estate owner in the Bay State.

Commercial real estate remains popular among investors

The economy remains on an upward swing throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts, and with that comes a robust property market. This is particularly true for commercial real estate. It is excellent news for those who are interested in engaging in commercial property buying and selling this fall.

Coworking space in limelight of commercial real estate market

It is no secret that retail companies are having a hard time in the current property market in Massachusetts and elsewhere. However, shopping mall owners are being creative by filling their empty stores with brand-new offices. After all, coworking is becoming a major trend, with coworking companies branching out in the commercial real estate market.

Finding the right commercial real estate leases can be tricky

Finding space available for lease is not a straightforward process that can be completed simply by searching the World Wide Web alone. Commercial real estate leases are a lot more complex, with what seems to be a great deal on the surface potentially turning into a costly nightmare. Here are a couple of important things to look for when on the prowl for the perfect space to lease in Massachusetts.

Land ownership may be lucrative commercial real estate area

Owning nonresidential property can certainly be lucrative for an investor in Massachusetts. For this reason, many investors purchase vacant land with the intention of eventually building commercial buildings on it. Then, once their properties are erected, they can generate money from it in the form of commercial real estate leases or simply sell the property. In other cases, investors simply hold onto the vacant land until they can sell it for a much higher price than they purchased it for. Either way, here are a couple of tips for purchasing vacant land.

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