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Breach of contract can be costly

If the world were prefect, any agreement made would be upheld consistently, and both sides would be satisfied with the agreement's outcome. However, the world is not perfect -- especially the business world. For this reason, breach of contract can be a major problem among business owners in Massachusetts.

Product liability claim may stem from dangerous teething products

Consumers with babies in Massachusetts may be affected by a recent recall of teething products. Specifically, Hyland homeopathic teething products have been removed from the shelves of stores as part of a major recall. According to the Food and Drug Administration, two particular kinds of these dangerous products have been linked to 10 children's deaths, which is grounds for product liability claims.

Breach of contract can have negative consequences

An accurate and clear contract is foundational to a successful business. Unfortunately, sometimes breach of contract issues arise when it comes to partnership contracts or employment contracts. An attorney in Massachusetts can assist you in drafting a brand new contract or in reviewing an existing contract to make sure that your rights are protected.

Intellectual property dispute involves Kohl's

The individual who created the television series called Mucha Lucha recently filed a legal suit against the department store Kohl's, alleging copyright infringement. Kohl's, which has a presence in Massachusetts and other states, is the second-biggest chain of department stores in the US, with its revenues exceeding $19 billion. The plaintiff, Lili Chin, in the intellectual property dispute claimed that the copyright infringement involved designs on socks and T-shirts that Kohl's promotes.

Advertising deception can be a ground for a business lawsuit

Although there is an art to marketing, such as the so-called positive spin, any claims in advertisements must still comply with the standards established by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. In general, the FTC prohibits deception, such as product claims that are not based in evidence. Companies that break that benchmark standard may find themselves in hot water, as the recent Well Fargo fiasco illustrates.

Factors to consider when choosing a business form

Even a cursory look at the corporations website maintained by the Massachusetts Secretary of State suggests complexity. From the choice of a business entity to operations and tax liabilities, there are a patchwork of state and federal laws that apply to businesses.

Could a commercial lawsuit bankrupt your business?

In a recent post, we described the consequences of a zoning challenge to a real estate project. However, a legal dispute can be equally devastating to a company's business operations. Small wonder, then, that a new type of safeguard has arisen: litigation funding.

Can a Massachusetts company sue over trade secret violations?

Protecting intellectual property can be vital to a business' success, which explains why disputes over violations of trade secret protections are a part of commercial litigation. In fact, one commentator recently observed that nearly every in-house lawyer's career includes at least one experience responding to an issue involving a breach or violation of confidential corporate information.

Massachusetts Port Authority files breach of contract suit

Price is probably one of the first details that companies discuss when entering into contract negotiations. Similarly, price is also typically considered one of the essential elements of a business contract. Yet a recent lawsuit, brought by the Massachusetts Port Authority, demonstrates that even this detail can give rise to commercial litigation.

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