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January 2019 Archives

Beef processing company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A beef company based in another state recently determined that its financial problems needed to be tackled in an aggressive manner. For this reason, the company decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. According to company officials, the move will help with facilitating the company's ongoing process of selling its assets, and ensure that both its employees and its creditors will be treated fairly. Likewise, Massachusetts companies that are struggling to make ends meet can seek help through bankruptcy filings.

Parents' mistakes may worsen child custody situation in divorce

The divorce process usually is not a pleasant experience for the two parties involved. However, children can also find the ordeal to be irksome, particularly when the parents cannot agree on how to address child custody. Here is a glimpse at a couple of harmful mistakes that parents in Massachusetts often make when faced with decisions related to child custody during divorce.

Commercial real estate may experience AI revolution

Artificial intelligence, better known as AI, continues to impact a multitude of sectors in Massachusetts. Therefore, the commercial real estate may soon experience an AI revolution. According to industry experts, AI could very well help the industry to be more service oriented, profitable and efficient.

Breach of contract suit filed against rap artist

A music company in another state recently claimed that a rap artist breached its contract with the company by canceling a performance he was supposed to give at a festival organized by the company. The company has also accused the artist of fraud, claiming that the rap artist stole more than $200,000 from it. It has therefore filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the artist's business. Likewise, business owners who believe that they are victims of breach of contract in Massachusetts have the right to take legal action.

Commercial real estate industry expected to thrive in 2019

Industry experts recently reported that 2018 was excellent for non-residential property investors. This year is expected to be another successful year for commercial real estate. For this reason, real estate investors in Massachusetts have a great deal to be excited about in the coming months.

Divorce process does not have to be emotionally destructive

People in Massachusetts often envision divorce as an antagonistic ordeal. The truth is, though, two individuals can actually have a smooth divorce process. Here is a look at some commonly made mistakes that can make these family law proceedings challenging from an emotional standpoint.

Cupcake chain business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A chain cupcake business based in another state recently decided that it needed to take drastic action in light of its dire financial situation. It thus decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Companies in Massachusetts that find themselves with more liabilities than assets may benefit from doing the same in order to protect their best interests going forward.

Stock market can impact commercial real estate investing

According to experts, the month of December ended up being the toughest month for the stock market since the 2008 recession. This has caused anxiety about what will take place in the global economy in the near future. However, many investors in Massachusetts may also be wondering how the stock market situation impacts the commercial real estate field.

Levels of beauty might drive divorce

Various issues can cause a couple to get divorced, including financial conflict and infidelity, but experts say that their levels of attractiveness may also be a factor in their marital breakups in Massachusetts. Research shows that if men marry more attractive women, their chances of divorce increase. The reason for this is that their wives might not be as dedicated to them.

Business litigation involves Vans and Target

A shoe manufacturing company in another state, Vans, recently claimed that Target engaged in trademark infringement when it created its Wild Fable brand, which launched last fall. It has thus filed a lawsuit against the department store company. Likewise, any business in Massachusetts that believes it is a victim of trademark infringement can seek damages through the business litigation process.

Linen services company seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A linen services company in another state recently determined that its financial challenges required action. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Companies in Massachusetts that are having similar problems with staying afloat financially can also seek bankruptcy protection with the goal of coming back stronger than ever.

Tips may lead to amicable divorce in Massachusetts

The process of dissolving a marriage can be lengthy and lead to emotional exhaustion for the two spouses involved. As a result, hostilities might develop between the two parties as they attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory divorce settlement. However, following a couple of tips may help divorcing spouses to have a relatively amicable split in Massachusetts.

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