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December 2018 Archives

Multiple situations can create commercial real estate vacancies

The economy appears to be in somewhat of a cooling-off phase in the United States, including in Massachusetts. However, commercial real estate may still be a viable area in which to invest -- specifically, vacant properties. Here are a few situations that create vacancies in the real estate market.

Important factors to consider before getting a divorce

The dissolution of a marriage can be a tough situation from both a financial and an emotional perspective. This is true even in a relatively amicable divorce. For this reason, it would be wise for Massachusetts spouses who are contemplating divorce to consider several truths about getting divorced before they officially separate.

Coal business files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

The sixth-largest coal business in the United States recently decided that it needed to tackle its debt situation aggressively. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Companies in Massachusetts that are experiencing similar debt problems can likewise seek bankruptcy protection in an effort to break free from their overwhelming debt.

Several steps may help with purchasing commercial real estate

Buying nonresidential property can be a major move for any investor, especially for those who have never gone through the process before. It requires preparation and planning in order to achieve favorable results. Here is a glimpse at what steps investors should ideally take to protect their best interests when purchasing commercial real estate in Massachusetts.

Catalina Marketing seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A marketing company in another state recently determined that it needed to take dramatic steps to eradicate its financial troubles. The company, Catalina Marketing, thus decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Any company in Massachusetts that is similarly struggling financially can make the same move as part of a coordinated plan to bounce back financially.

Divorce, child custody conflict can put a damper on the holidays

Ending a marriage in Massachusetts can no doubt be hard on both of the spouses involved, but their minor children can also find the process difficult, especially emotionally. The holidays may be particularly tough for the family to deal with following divorce. Still, parents who are going through the divorce process and tackling matters such as child custody can be proactive about how they will handle the holidays with their children going forward.

Prenuptial agreements may help dog owners during divorce

Many pet owners in Massachusetts adore their dogs, viewing them as immediate family members. Therefore, it is easy to see why divorce can spark bitter battles between two people who share a dog. However, an increasing number of dog owners are deciding to put together pet prenuptial agreements prior to getting hitched to prevent such battles.

2019 commercial real estate trends appear promising

The world of investing in real property remains robust in Massachusetts, leaving many investors excited about remaining active in this field. But what exactly does the future of commercial real estate investing look like? Here is a rundown on a few trends that investors can expect to dominate next year.

Steps can help with navigating divorce process, property division

Many individuals in Massachusetts may be contemplating the idea of getting divorced. The problem is, they do not know exactly where to start, especially when they have to make major decisions involving property division and alimony. Here is a rundown on how to go about divorce in Massachusetts.

Distribution, data centers booming in commercial real estate

As investors draw closer to wrapping up 2018, they may naturally be planning for their future moves. Specifically, investors in Massachusetts may wonder what areas of commercial real estate will likely be the most lucrative in 2019. Here is a glimpse at what experts are saying about the industry's current and future areas of potential.

Broadcaster seeks Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A broadcaster based in another state recently decided that its dire financial situation required drastic measures. It therefore decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Companies in Massachusetts can likewise take advantage of this debt relief remedy if they are in financial holes they cannot seem to climb out of on their own.

Major financial conflict can quickly lead to divorce

It's relatively common for married couples to combine their money. This generally makes it easier for them to make purchases and achieve their financial goals together. However, sometimes financial issues can drive a wedge between two spouses, ultimately leading to the demise of their marriage. In this situation, property distribution is often a major area of contention. Here is a glimpse at why some couples in Massachusetts experience financial conflict that end ups leading to divorce.

Tax reform benefiting commercial real estate industry

As the property industry continues to thrive in Massachusetts and elsewhere, some current or prospective investors may be wondering what exactly is driving the industry's growth. The reality is that tax reform might be contributing to the recent increase in commercial real estate transaction volumes. Here is a glimpse at how the current tax situation is positively impacting the real estate world in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Being financially proactive is critical before divorce

The process of getting divorced is no doubt challenging both emotionally. However, it can be just as difficult to cope with financially. Fortunately, individuals who are preparing to get divorced can take a few proactive steps to protect themselves financially both during and following the divorce process in Massachusetts.

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