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October 2018 Archives

Real estate purchase involving older property may not be ideal

In Massachusetts and other areas of the United States, older commercial properties have essentially become magnets to investors and tenants. A major reason for this is that these properties are often viewed as having more character than their more modern counterparts. However, before moving forward with a real estate purchase involving an older property, it is critical to determine if it is adequate from a technological standpoint.

Children do not have to be affected by child custody conflict

The dissolution of a marriage can no doubt be difficult for spouses in Massachusetts to process. However, it can be just as hard on their young children from an emotional standpoint, particularly if child custody is a possible point of contention. Fortunately, there are a few things parents can do to help their children to cope with the divorce more easily.

Sears pursues Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

One of the most iconic brands in the United States, with stores in Massachusetts, Sears recently decided that it needed to make a major move to address its financial situation. It therefore decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The store plans to keep specific stores open while it negotiates with its creditor and reorganizes its operations.

Five steps for planning ahead to avoid discrimination lawsuits

One of a company's worst nightmares is to be accused of discriminating against an employee. Not only can this take a toll on your company's reputation, but it can also impact your bottom line if the employee sues you. Here are five ways you can plan ahead to avoid discrimination and harassment lawsuits in Massachusetts.

Mattress Firm files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Mattress Firm, the biggest retailer of mattresses throughout the United States, including Massachusetts, recently determined that its dire financial straits required serious attention. It has thus decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy comes as the firm's corporate parent attempts to navigate an accounting-related scandal in addition to dealing with the company's burdensome store footprint.

The legal hurdles of urban renewal

Urban centers throughout Massachusetts and other states are constantly undergoing gentrification. Gentrification, the process by which old buildings can be rehabilitated with the goal of drawing more affluent people, can certainly help with renewing existing neighborhoods. However, it can also pose hurdles for you if you are a commercial real estate owner in the Bay State.

Uncovering assets during divorce may be possible with tax return

Deciding to get divorced in Massachusetts can be challenging from both an emotional and a financial standpoint. However, the divorce process can be particularly difficult to navigate for spouses who feel that their significant others are hiding significant assets from them. Here is a rundown on how to possibly discover concealed assets during a divorce.

Separating commercial, residential properties in estate planning

Putting together a detailed estate plan can help families and individuals in Massachusetts to take care of their heirs long term by protecting their financial futures. This includes passing down residential real estate to loved ones by specifying in wills who should receive these assets. However, when businesses are involved, estate planning must be taken a step further to include business succession planning.

The legal structure needed to expand into the US

If you have an established business outside of the United States, you might want to consider expanding into America, specifically Massachusetts. Expanding your venture is an excellent way to overcome trade barriers and minimize the distance between distribution and manufacturing facilities. It can also help you to draw closer to the human resources you need.

Dealing with probate litigation on large estates

Losing a loved one can understandably be difficult to deal with emotionally. However, dealing with the estate that the individual left behind -- especially if it is a large one -- can be just as challenging. An attorney in Massachusetts can help you to effectively deal with the delays and issues that are common when dealing with probate on large estates.

Your business can bounce back from Chapter 11 bankruptcy

When a person in Massachusetts first enters the entrepreneurial scene, he or she may have lofty business goals. Later, though, he or she may be in a situation where the company's liabilities outweigh its assets, and the owner is unsure where to turn. Fortunately, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a viable option for overcoming business debt woes -- and it does not have to mean the death of the business, either.

Business litigation may help those facing eminent domain

Your business property is highly valuable from both a personal and a financial standpoint. Naturally, you would feel violated if the government threatened to take your property, and you may wonder whether you could use business litigation to fight this threat. Here is a look at what your rights are regarding eminent domain in Massachusetts.

Divorce process involving high-value assets can be complex

The process of getting divorced can certainly take a toll on a person emotionally, but it can be just as difficult financially. This is particularly the case for those with high-value assets. Here is a look at what the divorce process entails if you have significant debts or assets in Massachusetts.

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