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January 2018 Archives

Oil refinery owner files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

An energy solutions company in another state recently decided that its monetary situation required it to take aggressive action. As a result, the company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The oil refinery it owns supplies over 25 percent of the crude oil refining capacity on the East Coast of the United States, which includes the state of Massachusetts.

Dividing artwork can be tricky during divorce process

During the dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts, emotions can run high even in cases that start out relatively amicable. This is especially the case when a couple has high-value assets they need to divide. One type of asset that can cause conflict during the divorce process due to its high value is artwork. The values of artwork have particularly skyrocketed recently, and in some cases, the works of art are more highly valued than the houses holding them.

Commercial real estate zoning impacts leasing decisions

Finding a new property to lease in Massachusetts may be a business owner's top goal in 2018. However, choosing commercial real estate properties can be a challenge due to the many factors that are important to consider. One of these factors involves checking zoning ordinances to see what types of activities are permitted at certain properties.

Hobbico files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, plans to lay off workers

A hobby product distributor, Hobbico, recently claimed that it has been struggling financially. As a result, it decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on a recent Wednesday. The move may lead to more than 330 layoffs at its facility in another state beginning in the month of April. However, filing for bankruptcy can be a helpful way for companies in Massachusetts and elsewhere to deal effectively with their financial issues.

Use of Bitcoin to hide money may increase during divorce

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can be tricky no matter how much or little money or other assets a couple has. After all, the act of untangling two financially intertwined lives can be equally painful from one couple to the next. In light of this, in some divorce situations, one of the spouses may consider using Bitcoin or other digital currencies to hide his or her money.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings expected to remain high in 2018

These days, retail companies are struggling to make ends meet, not only in Massachusetts but also in other states across the country. Thus, it may not come as a surprise that, as 2017 drew to a close, yet another retailer -- Charming Charlie -- decided to file for bankruptcy. Part of the reason for so many retailers' Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings last year is the fact that many consumers are relying on the internet for buying goods.

Timing of Massachusetts divorce -- is it seasonal?

Sometimes getting divorced in Massachusetts or elsewhere is inevitable if two spouses cannot reconcile their differences. However, research indicates that the time of the year might play a significant role in a couple's decision to get a divorce. Sociologists recently analyzed filings for divorce in another state and learned that marital breakups peaked consistently after the summer and winter holidays.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filed by accessories and jewelry retailer

An accessories and jewelry retailer in another state called Charming Charlie recently decided that its financial situation required taking aggressive action. The company's Chapter 11 bankruptcy comes as the women's store continues to face a competitive business environment in retail. The company recently said it had already entered an agreement with its shareholders and lenders that provides restructuring support. Companies in Massachusetts that are having difficulty making ends meet can likewise take advantage of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Splitting a 401(k) during divorce doesn't have to be difficult

Sometimes marriages in Massachusetts simply do not work out. In these cases, feeling emotionally unstableĀ is natural, and one may also be concerned about the stability of his or her future financial standing. This is particularly true for those getting a divorce near retirement age.

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