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October 2017 Archives

Creditors helping businesses going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy

In today's economic climate, many retailers are finding it hard to keep their doors open. After all, they are facing stiff competition from online retail transactions. As a result, many retailers are taking advantage of Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, but more retailers in the United States, including in Massachusetts, are now receiving helping hands from vendors, creditors and landlords to stay in business after bankruptcy.

An important question during divorce has to do with the house

For those embarking on the process of ending a marriage in Massachusetts, figuring out what exactly to do and when to do it can be exhausting. Getting advice from friends may seem helpful, but with various friends and family members having their own unique experiences, the information obtained from them may only muddy the waters. One area in particular that may cause confusion during divorce is determining whether to stay in the marital home.

Mediation may be a wise move during divorce

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can be a difficult process no matter how amicable both spouses try to be. After all, the courtroom procedures can begin to take their toll on the couple both financially and emotionally. However, going to trial is not the only option when it comes to getting a divorce. Divorce mediation can be a viable alternative.

Paper company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A paper company in another state recently filed for bankruptcy. The company, Appvion, completed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in an effort to restructure its debt. Any company in Massachusetts that is struggling financially may benefit from exploring Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which may enable it to position itself to keep operations going both now and in the future.

Not every asset is equal in divorce

Although the dissolution of a marriage often causes two spouses to be at odds with each other, there is one thing they can often agree on: the process is a hassle. Not only can divorce reek emotional havoc on both spouses but also it can be financially damaging. Unfortunately, making major financial mistakes during this type of family law proceeding in Massachusetts can have negative long-term consequences.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing involves Aerosoles

A footwear chain for women, Aerosoles, which has a presence in Massachusetts, recently decided to file for bankruptcy. As part of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, the store is planning to close many of its stores. This is just one of the many companies that have experienced tough financial times in the area of retail.

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