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August 2017 Archives

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing may help Perfumania

A perfume company that has stores nationwide, including in Massachusetts, recently decided to file for bankruptcy. According to the company, the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing will allow it to reorganize effectively. A total of 64 of its more than 200 stores will be closed as part of the bankruptcy filing.

Finances critical area of focus during divorce

In addition to having an emotional impact, the process of getting divorced can also have a major financial one. This is true whether a couple decides to head to divorce court to have a judge handle their issues or tries mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution. A couple of tips may help those getting divorced to make positive financial decisions in Massachusetts.

University foundation files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A university foundation in another state recently decided to file for bankruptcy. However, the university will continue to operate as normal as it works on sorting out its financial troubles as part of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Companies in Massachusetts that are struggling to stay afloat financially may find Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to be a viable solution for them.

Divorce mediation may not work in a couple of situations

Navigating the dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can be challenging, especially when the two spouses who are splitting up are at odds regarding matters such as the distribution of assets. When discussions get heated, going to divorce trial may be a couple's only option. However, mediation may be possible if a couple can find common ground. Still, mediation may not be effective in a couple of situations.

Marital home can be complex to address during divorce process

Financial matters are one of the major reasons for the dissolution of a marriage today. Thus, it is not surprising that couples going through the divorce process often fall behind on their mortgages and face foreclosure. A couple of tips may help couples dealing with a marital home during divorce in Massachusetts.

Myth related to divorce involves dads and child custody

During the process of dissolving a marriage in Massachusetts, seeking and receiving advice from family and friends may understandably be comforting. However, not all divorce advice -- from advice about the marital home to advice about spousal support -- is good advice. One myth in particular has to do with dads and child custody.

Inheritance funds may complicate divorce

When two individuals dissolve their marriage in Massachusetts, questions may arise regarding whether one spouse can claim rights to the inheritance funds of the other party if these funds were acquired during their marriage. For instance, one spouse's great aunt may have passed away and left the spouse certain assets in her will without mentioning the other party. What the recipient of these assets does with them might influence whether he or she will have to part ways with a percentage of it during divorce.

Settlement agreement may be attainable in divorce

Going through the process of dissolving a marriage can be confusing and overwhelming both emotionally and financially. Having to go to trial can feel like salt in the wound, as a trial can be stressful and costly. However, going to trial is not always necessary during divorce in Massachusetts.

Prenuptial agreements help with protecting valuable assets

For a couple who is interested in getting married in Massachusetts, bypassing the prenuptial agreement may be tempting in an effort to avoid any unwanted conflict. However, prenuptial agreements are important for protecting any assets they have separately before they say their I Dos. A couple of items are especially essential to include in this type of legal agreement.

Facts about divorce that can be helpful to know

Getting divorced is a life-changing event for the entire family, and unfortunately, it is rarely an easy process. This is true even for couples in Massachusetts who have not been married long or who have not accumulated many assets during their marriage. A couple of things are particularly valuable to know about getting a divorce.

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