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July 2017 Archives

Divorce may impact retirement plans

The dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts typically has a major impact on the retirement plans of the couple getting divorced. In fact, existing retirement plans can especially be derailed for those who get divorced close to their retirement  years.  A few tips may help those navigating divorce as they draw closer to their golden years.

Bistro files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A bistro in another state recently filed for bankruptcy. The bankruptcy filing was specifically for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Companies in Massachusetts that are struggling to keep up with their liabilities may benefit from this type of bankruptcy filing.

Carpet maker files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

A carpet maker in another state recently chose to file for bankruptcy in federal bankruptcy court. The company, Beaulieu Group LLC, said it plans to reorganize the business's finances under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan for restricting debt. Companies in Massachusetts and other states that are struggling to make ends meet may benefit from such a bankruptcy filing.

Divorce misconceptions surround asset, retirement fund division

Each marital split-up in Massachusetts is different, so what may work in one may not necessarily work in another. This combined with the fact that incorrect divorce information can easily be found online can make the divorce process difficult to undergo and figure out. Two particular misconceptions about how the divorce process works both have to do with property division.

Those in divorce process may have misconception about adultery

Getting divorced in Massachusetts is understandably an emotionally and financially trying experience. In many cases, those interested in breaking free from a marriage have misconceptions regarding the divorce process. One of these misconceptions has to do with adultery.

Finances may complicate divorce proceeding

Not all marriages in Massachusetts end up lasting long term. In situations where couples feel they would be better off separate than together, they may end up making the difficult decision to get divorced. A couple of tips might help those going through divorce to protect their best interests.

Uncontested divorce a possibility in Massachusetts

Going through the dissolution of a marriage can be challenging for any couple. This is true no matter how long or short a time the couple has been married, or how many or few assets they own together. However, the ideal situation is if both spouses are in agreement about proceeding with the divorce. In this scenario, the parties can file for an uncontested divorce in Massachusetts.

Denim brand files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

In the past, the premium denim brand True Religion was so in demand that counterfeiters attempted to knock them off. However, the tide has changed for the company, which recently decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Any companies in Massachusetts that are struggling to make ends meet may likewise benefit from filing for this type of bankruptcy protection.

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