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May 2017 Archives

High-conflict divorce can lead to health problems in children

The process of getting divorced in Massachusetts can understandably take its toll on those who have decided to end their marriages and move on with their lives. Any children of the parties can also be negatively affected and find it difficult to move forward. In fact, there are apparently several types of health issues that could impact children of parents who divorce.

Splitting up can be less stressful through collaborative divorce

When it comes to getting divorced, not every couple in Massachusetts wants to drag out the process, which can make an already-stressful experience even more stressful. Rather, many couples are interested in resolving their issues amicably. These couples are good candidates for a process known as collaborative divorce.

How parents can get along after divorce

You may not think about how to have a successful co-parenting relationship in the midst of a contentious divorce, but perhaps you should. Family court judges in Massachusetts have expectations of divorcing parents, and those who do not live up to it run could run afoul of the court.  Even worse, the children may be negatively affected by their parents’ ongoing battles.

Is there a parenting time shakedown in your future?

There’s a reason why your kids are antsy this week. They are so excited about being out of school for the summer. To them, it is a chance to essentially goof off all day without the care of being in school. To you, it may be frustrating because you may not be sure about their activities (i.e. sports camps or daycare activities) because the other parent may not be on board.

Managing finances after divorce can be challenging

Going through the dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts can have a wide range of emotional and financial consequences. However, even after the divorce has been finalized, the emotional and financial challenges are not over. A few tips may help with managing finances while coping with the new life changes that follow divorce.

Prenuptial agreements better than using separate bank accounts

Entering into a premarital agreement may seem like a quick path to getting divorced in the near future. However, premarital agreements -- which are also commonly known as prenuptial agreements -- can actually be helpful for a marriage, as they allow couples in Massachusetts to discuss their finances and marital expectations before they walk down the aisle. These agreements essentially spell out both parties' rights, as well as their obligations, in the event they get divorced.

Commercial real estate market expected to remain steady

According to a recent report, the future of commercial properties remains uncertain. At the moment, there is some optimism surrounding commercial real estate throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts. However, there is also room for improvement in this sector.

Hospital files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A hospital in another state recently decided to file for bankruptcy. The facility filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in an effort to buy itself some time to stay in businesses and re-organize itself. This type of bankruptcy filing in Massachusetts can be helpful for health care facilities and other businesses that are battling continual financial struggles.

$56M commercial real estate purchase involves apartment complex

An investment holdings company recently acquired a 190-unit apartment complex in the state of Massachusetts for $56 million. The per-unit purchase is about $295,000 for each unit. According to the investment holdings company, part of the reason for the purchase is that this area of Massachusetts features an in-demand commercial real estate market that has been attracting attention both internationally and domestically.

Divorce petition response process can be complicated

The process of dissolving a marriage can get very messy in Massachusetts. For this reason, it is important to understand what to do from the start to protect one's interests. The several days following the filing of the divorce petition represent one of the most critical periods of this type of family law proceeding.

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