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April 2017 Archives

Documents and children important areas of focus during divorce

Deciding to get divorced is just one step in ending a marriage. Understanding what is on the horizon and taking action to prepare for what is to come is the next step. A couple of tips may help with navigating the complex process of divorce in Massachusetts.

Solar panel maker files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A solar company in another state recently filed for bankruptcy. The main reason for Suniva's Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is tariff-related issues in the solar industry, which have caused the company's financial hardship. A company in Massachusetts that is facing financial struggles due to debt issues may find much-needed relief through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process.

Pawn company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A pawn company in another state recently decided to file for bankruptcy. The company is seeking Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection due to succumbing to growing competition from internet-based companies. When a company in Massachusetts or elsewhere cannot stay afloat financially, this type of bankruptcy filing may be its ticket to survival.

Product liability claim may stem from dangerous teething products

Consumers with babies in Massachusetts may be affected by a recent recall of teething products. Specifically, Hyland homeopathic teething products have been removed from the shelves of stores as part of a major recall. According to the Food and Drug Administration, two particular kinds of these dangerous products have been linked to 10 children's deaths, which is grounds for product liability claims.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy may help retailers

Many retailers have been struggling in the modern economy and thus have been filing for bankruptcy. More of these bankruptcies, including Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings, are expected as well in the future in Massachusetts and elsewhere. According to one analyst, about 9,000 shops are expected to close down this year, a much larger number than during the Great Recession's worst year.

Prenuptial agreements offer many advantages

The decision of whether or not to enter into any kind of formal legal agreement before getting married is a personal one. In some cases, couples who are about to get married in the state of Massachusetts prefer not to enter into a prenuptial agreement because they assume that their marriages will last. However, prenuptial agreements offer several benefits in the event of divorce, which are not always avoidable.

Relatively new hospital files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A hospital in another state recently filed for bankruptcy. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing comes just a couple of years after its opening. The goal of such a bankruptcy filing in the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere is to strengthen the organization financially so that it can be successful long term.

Sole and joint child custody indicated in various situations

One of the sticking points in many divorce proceedings is determining which parent will get to keep the child. After all, losing assets might be painful from a financial standpoint, but losing a child in a custody battle can be even more painful from an emotional standpoint. Various types of child custody may work for a family in Massachusetts, depending on the needs of the children and of the family as a whole.

Child custody issues can pose emotional difficulties

Divorce is never really an easy process for those involved in Massachusetts. This is true for both the parents and the children, especially when the parents are struggling to see eye to eye on the issue of child custody. A few tips may help parents to help their children navigate the divorce process as effectively as possible from an emotional standpoint.

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