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February 2017 Archives

Gander Mountain ready to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Gander Mountain, which sells camping, fishing and hunting gear throughout the country, is getting ready to file for bankruptcy protection. The possible Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing comes as the retailer struggles to keep up with its debt. Any business in the state of Massachusetts that cannot overcome its debt challenges may find Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to be beneficial long term.

More women than men make smart money choices following divorce

According to a new survey, 75 percent of divorced individuals who are retirement age do not know enough about how to manage their money. However, women appear to be doing better than men in this area following divorce in the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere. These findings come from the American Institute of CPAs.

Divorce can happen in adults' younger years

People generally get married with the intention of staying married in the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere. However, it does not always work out that way as irreconcilable differences arise. Unfortunately, the process of getting a divorce can be challenging no matter how many or how few years the couple has been married.

Sporting goods distributor files Chapter 11

A sporting goods distributor recently filed for bankruptcy protection in another state. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing was completed on a recent Tuesday. Filing for bankruptcy can be a beneficial move for companies in Massachusetts that are having trouble overcoming their business liabilities.

Identifying assets important step in preparing for divorce

The process of dissolving a Massachusetts marriage can be a harrowing time emotionally. However, it is essential to avoid losing sight of the big picture when navigating this type of family law proceeding. A couple of tips may make it possible to be financially prepared for the divorce process as much as possible.

Sport retailer files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A retailer in another state recently filed for bankruptcy. The company, Eastern Outfitters, is the parent company of Eastern Mountain Sports as well as Bob's Stores, a discount chain. Its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing is one of the latest filings made by retailers in the United States, including in Massachusetts, amid the increasingly competitive pressure that the sector is facing.

Golf equipment company completes Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing

A golf equipment company in a different state recently filed for bankruptcy protection. The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing comes just two years following the company's launch. This type of bankruptcy filing is available to businesses in Massachusetts and elsewhere that are struggling with overwhelming liabilities.

Some steps can help one to survive financially after divorce

When people walk down the aisle, they typically do not anticipate getting divorced years down the road. However, unfortunately, a large number of marriages come to an end eventually. People in Massachusetts normally do not want to plan for divorce, but solid financial planning is essential at the beginning of the divorce process to protect against the negative financial impacts of this type of legal proceeding.

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