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December 2016 Archives

Lensar files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A company in another state recently filed for bankruptcy. Specializing in cataract surgery laser systems, it decided to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Companies in the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere can use this type of bankruptcy protection option to reorganize if they are experiencing financial challenges.

Anger can have an effect on divorce proceeding

It is normal for people going through the dissolution of a marriage in Massachusetts to feel frustrated and emotionally exhausted. This is true whether the couple has few assets or many assets of high value. Anger does actually offer a few benefits, but it can also be a destructive emotion during the process of divorce.

Commercial real estate property to be used for medical marijuana

An out-of-state company desiring to grow and market medical marijuana is currently in the process of purchasing a mill in Massachusetts for this purpose. The commercial real estate property that will be bought is four stories tall and made of brick. It features more than 170,000 square feet of space and sits on a 3.5-acre lot.

Dividing assets 50/50 during divorce may not be fair

When people think about how to proceed with their negotiations when dissolving a marriage, they typically look at the biggest assets first. These include the marital home or the car. However, other important assets to consider during a divorce proceeding include retirement plans and stock awards, and these assets can be complicated to address.

College filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A college in a nearby state recently filed for bankruptcy. In addition to filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the college has retained a couple of real estate companies to manage the sale of two campuses. Theywill be sold through two sealed bids. Chapter 11 bankruptcy can be helpful for businesses in the state of Massachusetts and elsewhere that are facing the challenges of having more liabilities than assets.

Divorce can be emotionally tough for the children

Getting divorced in Massachusetts can understandably be challenging for both parents, but it can also be emotionally challenging for the children involved. This is particularly true when the two parents have a hard time finding common ground in the area of child custody during their divorce. New research shows that even though children may have a hard time adjusting to the split-up of their parents, pediatricians can play a role in helping them through this process.

Divorce mediation offers multiple benefits

Through mediation, a couple who is going through a divorce can attempt to resolve issues involving matters such as debt, property division and child support. Other issues that can be solved through this process, which is professionally guided, include the payment of college expenses, health insurance and alimony. Mediation offers several benefits when compared to divorce litigation in Massachusetts.

Splitting retirement assets major part of divorce proceeding

The emotional toll of dissolving a marriage in Massachusetts can be difficult to manage. However, the financial issues that come with getting a divorce can also be challenging to address. When two people get divorced, retirement plan assets may need to be divided, which can pose tax-related problems if not executed properly.

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