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November 2016 Archives

Child custody issues may crop up during holidays

When Massachusetts parents begin planning for the holidays following a divorce, they usually avoid having to deal with issues such as visitation schedules until the last minute. Unfortunately, this can make their holidays more stressful than they already are. A few tips may help individuals to effectively deal with issues related to child custody during the holidays.

Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements can address assets, debt

When people in Massachusetts think about a prenup or postnup, they may immediately think about celebrities and the messy divorces they experience. In reality, a difficult divorce can happen to a person at any income level. It makes good sense for couples to get prenuptial agreements before saying their vows, or post\-nuptial agreements after I Dos have already been exchanged.

Being uncivil a mistake during divorce proceeding

The process of dissolving a marriage is typically difficult, emotionally and financially. However, people in Massachusetts and other states sometimes make divorce more difficult than it has to be. One way they do this is by fostering an atmosphere that embraces and actually encourages conflict.

Commercial real estate eyed as strong area for investment

With the recent turmoil in the stock market following the election of Donald Trump, many investors throughout the United States, including in Massachusetts, have been analyzing their investment strategies to determine the best routes to take. One area that has garnered increasing attention is commercial real estate -- specifically private-equity real estate. This is considered a goal-seeking investment.

Intellectual property dispute involves Kohl's

The individual who created the television series called Mucha Lucha recently filed a legal suit against the department store Kohl's, alleging copyright infringement. Kohl's, which has a presence in Massachusetts and other states, is the second-biggest chain of department stores in the US, with its revenues exceeding $19 billion. The plaintiff, Lili Chin, in the intellectual property dispute claimed that the copyright infringement involved designs on socks and T-shirts that Kohl's promotes.

Prenuptial agreements can protect intellectual ideas

Millennials in Massachusetts and elsewhere place more value on experiences than they do on possessions. In the same way, the latest trend shows that when it comes to prenuptial agreements, millennials place just as much value on their ideas that they do on their money. More millennials are seeking to protect their intellectual property in the event of a future divorce, as they realize that divorce rates today are higher than they have been in decades past.

Splitting of HSAs can be significant during divorce

When IRAs became mainstream, they quickly became assets that had to be addressed during the dissolution of marriages in Massachusetts and other states. The same is true with health savings accounts, or HSAs.  HSAs have been around for about 13 years, and for some people who are getting a divorce, the balances in their HSAs have become relatively big.

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