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October 2016 Archives

Selling family home may be viable option during divorce

One of the major sticking points during the dissolution of a marriage is the division of assets and property. In particular, it can be difficult to agree on how to handle the marital home. A couple of tips may help people address this asset in as amicable a manner as possible during divorce in Massachusetts.   

Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings on rise this year

People in Massachusetts and other states may think that a large number of bankruptcy filings means the economy is not doing well. According to reports, Chapter 11 filings for bankruptcy have risen by nearly 22 percent this year when compared to last year, and many of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings have been completed by energy companies. However, some say these filings may actually indicate that the economy is doing well in the United States.

Commercial real estate development for office space approved

A new office property is in the process of being developed in Massachusetts following a redevelopment authority's approval of the project. This building slated to be developed will be eight stories tall and span 230,000 square feet. The commercial real estate development site was acquired by two companies, Rubenstein Partners and Nordblom Company, in January 2015 for a total of $75 million.

Divorce may have negative impact on retirement

The dissolution of marriages in the United States, including in Massachusetts, increased during the 1970s and the 1980s, when baby boomers became adults. As this segment of the population reaches retirement age, they are still getting divorced. Unfortunately, the divorce process appears to have a disproportionate impact on women.

Dating while going through divorce can have negative impact

People in Massachusetts may understandably be tempted to date during their divorces. After all, they are likely feeling unappreciated, stressed out and unloved. However, dating during divorce can have major implications both financially and legally.

Knowing one's marital assets important during divorce proceeding

A large number of Americans, including many in Massachusetts, have to navigate the process of dissolving their marital unions, dividing their assets and dealing with child custody. All divorce situations are unique. However, a couple of tips may help any divorcing individual complete this type of family law proceeding without ruining his or her financial situation.

Chapter 11 can be complex for individual, business owner

Chapter 11 bankruptcy typically is used for business reorganizations. However, this type of bankruptcy is not just handy for a business owner in Massachusetts. Individuals can also take advantage of it if they have business debt issues or consumer debt problems.

Divorce can be particularly difficult on men

The marital dissolution process can be challenging for both women and men, although men face unique challenges in this type of legal proceeding. Their challenges are both mental and financial no matter how much or how little assets they may have. A couple of tips might help men in Massachusetts who are going through a divorce to feel as in control as possible.

Prenuptial agreements can help to protect one's finances

When couples marry, they likely do not anticipate the marriage will end in divorce. A prenuptial agreement essentially dictates which spouse will get what if they end up divorcing in Massachusetts. Although this type of agreement sometimes gets a bad rap, prenuptial agreements are known to soothe the hard feelings and complexities that come with divorce. Getting one drawn up before walking down the aisle can help a person to protect himself or herself financially in the event that divorce is inevitable down the road.

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