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July 2016 Archives

Taking a closer look at ADR options in divorce

In last week’s post, we explored options that may save divorcing couples time, expense and emotional upset. Indeed, divorce does not have to be a scorched earth affair. Approaches that seek to avoid or minimize courtroom litigation generally fall under the category of alternative dispute resolution.

Forensic accountants can make divorce fair

When a couple decides to divorce, the fair division of assets is often a large source of contention. If you are undergoing a divorce, employing a forensic accountant can help make sure that there are no significant assets being hidden from proper division by courts. Knowing what you can do to give your forensic accountant the best chance of identifying all relevant assets can make your divorce a more streamlined, fair process.

Tips for minimizing the costs of divorce

There’s a reason that even attorneys hire their own counsel when going through a divorce. As a practical matter, the number of administrative details in a divorce proceeding can be overwhelming. From responding to the procedural requirements, such as court filings and hearings, to reaching agreement on the various issues that need to be settled, the demands upon an individual’s time can be substantial.

Do you still need an attorney in an uncontested divorce?

Does an uncontested divorce mean you don’t need a lawyer? We wouldn’t recommend it. As a law firm that has helped many individuals through all aspects of their divorce, we know that there are many issues that can be forgotten if not left in the hands of an experienced attorney.

Estate and retirement plans should be tweaked after a divorce

Even when going through a divorce, it’s not premature to consider revising one’s retirement or estate planning. The two are related, since an individual needs to estimate his or her liquidity in retirement, plan for medical emergencies or the possibility of incapacity, and potentially protect eligibility for Medicaid through the use of smart estate-planning instruments.

Will a divorce cut into your retirement savings?

Our family law firm understands that a client may require assistance not only before and during a divorce, but also after. For example, changed career circumstances may necessitate a post-judgment modification of a divorce decree regarding alimony payments. An uncooperative former spouse may need to be officially prodded by the court via a motion to enforce a judgment.

Must paternity be established before child support attaches?

A pregnancy for an unmarried couple may raise questions about child support. In most cases, an expecting mother may want assurances that the father will contribute his fair share toward the expenses of raising the child. In Massachusetts, there are mandatory child support guidelines. An attorney that focuses on family law issues can provide guidance on how the complicated formula might apply in a specific client’s situation.

Stability is an influential factor in a child custody decision

A court considers many factors when making a child custody determination in Massachusetts, including any potential disruption to a child caused by relocation. Recent federal guidelines involving foster children in school districts provides context for how a court might view the importance of stability in a child’s life.

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