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January 2016 Archives

The legal basics of a construction defect claim: part II

In our last blog post, we began discussing some of the legal claims that may be asserted and must be proved in cases involving allegations of construction defects. We also discussed the numerous players that may be involved or implicated in these types of cases. As previously noted, legal claims that are commonly alleged in construction defect cases include negligence, breach of contract, strict liability and fraud.

The legal basics of a construction defect claim: part I

From building materials to the actual construction of a structure, to ensure projects are completed on-time and on-budget, residential and commercial developers must rely upon numerous suppliers, contractors and builders. Unfortunately, despite a developer's best intentions, there are times when one or more of the parties that are involved in the building and construction process fails to fulfill their contractual obligations.

Is your company vulnerable to product liability lawsuits?

For any business owner and company, building a strong name and reputation are vital components of growing and furthering business interests. In cases where a business' services or products are found or believed to be somehow deficient, deceptive or dangerous; a business' reputation and financial standing can take a huge hit. This is especially true in cases where a product is linked to injuries. 

What factors do Massachusetts judges consider in assigning property?

In divorce, couples are ideally able to come to a mutually acceptable agreement regarding the division of marital property. Many couples, however, are not able to do this and must have the intervention of a court to solve the matter. As we've previously mentioned on this blog, Massachusetts courts utilize an approach to property division known as equitable distribution.

Regaining control of your life through the divorce process

You've likely heard the statistic that roughly 50 percent of U.S. marriages eventually end in divorce. While divorce is common and a number of people you know may be divorced, it's completely different when you're the one who is actually going through the process.

Documentation is a key part of a successful divorce

When someone decides to file for divorce or is even considering it, they often come in with a lot of questions when they visit their divorce attorney. One of the first questions that they may ask is about documentation: what paperwork will I need for this process?

Are these provisions included in your commercial lease?

Most businesses must eventually expand to include at least one actual brick-and-mortar location. When attempting to determine the best office or retail space to lease, most business owners focus solely on location and cost. While certainly important, there are also provisions that may or may not be included in a commercial lease that can both negatively or positively impact a business' success and overall bottom-line.

Study examines why ambivalence is harmful to a marriage

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ambivalence as being "simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward an object, person or action." While feeling ambivalent may be an appropriate reaction to thinking about going camping or attending a work conference; when it comes to personal relationships, such feelings can be harmful.

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