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December 2015 Archives

How filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy can benefit a business

At times, every business faces challenges. Often such challenges are financial in nature and stem from increased competition and loss of market share, economic downturns and underperforming investments. When a business is facing financial difficulties, it's wise to seek the advice and assistance of an attorney who handles business debt reorganization and bankruptcy matters.

Shielding a business from a divorce

Entrepreneurs who start and own a business often struggle and sacrifice for years to make a profit. For those who do end up finding success, it's important to take steps to protect one's stake in a business as well as one's share of business-related assets. This is especially important when it comes to divorce.

December sees less divorce filings; many wait until January

Divorce is one of those things that happen all across the country all year long. While there are those individuals that hastily file for divorce just to get it over with, a lot of people actually put thought into the timing of their divorce filing. That's why it makes sense that December is a slow month for divorce filings.

Helping families in Central Massachusetts revolve child custody disputes

There are times, when families face challenges and disputes that are difficult to overcome on their own. If left to deal with matters related to divorce, child custody, spousal support and dividing assets on their own; many exes simply wouldn't be able to come to an agreement or resolution. For these reasons, exes who are dealing with these types of highly emotional and important issues are advised to contact a family law professional.

Massachusetts condo developer fighting multiple legal battles

Throughout Massachusetts, multi-unit residential developments like condominiums provide much-needed housing options for residents. In order to build one or more condominium buildings, a developer must ensure that the purchased land is zoned for multi-unit residential use and that there are no other existing zoning, land-use or environmental laws that may inhibit development.

How to ensure that a confidentiality agreement is valid and legally binding

In today's competitive business environment, companies face numerous challenges related to security, innovation and how to attract and retain top employees. In addition to ensuring employees are happy and won't be lured away by competitor companies, businesses must also contend with the possibility of both current and former employees sharing trade secrets or other proprietary information.

When it comes to the divorce process, preparation is key

Even in cases where an individual initiates and wants a divorce, going through the actual process can be both emotionally and financially draining. The latter is especially true in cases where an individual, regardless of whether or not a divorce was his or her idea, fails to take steps to prepare for the divorce once he or she knows that divorce is eminent.

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