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September 2015 Archives

Why individuals who choose to marry later in life need a prenup

Most people in Massachusetts are at least vaguely familiar with what a prenuptial agreement is and the purpose it serves. Many people, however, likely assume that only very wealthy individuals need to even entertain the notion of asking a fiancé to sign such a document. In truth, anyone who plans to marry, regardless of age or wealth, should seriously consider contacting an attorney who can aid in the establishment of this important and legally-enforceable document.

Why have divorce rates doubled among married couples 50 and older?

Many people previously believed that if a married couple made it past the five or 10-year marriage mark, they were likely to stay together forever. Older couples who were married for 20 or more years were typically only driven apart by the death of one spouse. However, within the last 25 years, researchers have reported a noted increase in the percentage of couples aged 50 and older who are choosing to divorce.

Why it matters whether a breach of contract is material or immaterial

Throughout history, contracts in some form or another have been used to hold parties who agree to do business with one another or exchange certain commodities or services accountable. In modern times, contacts are readily used to outline the responsibilities of and create a legally binding and enforceable agreement between two or more parties. In the world of business, contracts are common and can be extremely complex.

With Senate Bill 834, Massachusetts fathers fight for their rights to parent

In previous decades, when heterosexual parents divorced, a mother was almost always guaranteed to be awarded child custody and the father granted visitation rights which often amounted to seeing a son or daughter every other weekend and the occasional weekday or holiday.

Why business owners shouldn't rush to sign a commercial lease

While many small businesses are started in the homes and garages of founders, a business' growth and success often necessitates expansion into a larger commercial space. When it comes to commercial real estate, location is paramount and can either positively or negatively impact a business' ability to attract employees and customers alike.

Grandparent visitation rights in Massachusetts

When married parents decide to divorce or unmarried parents split-up, decisions must be made with regard to child custody and visitation. While the courts tend to focus on ensuring that, when possible, a child has access to and the opportunity to form a relationship with both parents; the visitation rights of extended family members are not recognized without a court order.

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