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July 2015 Archives

Can mediation spare heartache when going through a divorce?

Movie actors Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner recently announced their decision to divorce, as well as their intention of utilizing mediation. Readers might assume that mediation is a new trend in family law, similar to collaborative divorce and other approaches that have received recent media attention. However, the approach is actually an established part of family law. In fact, the attorneys in our law firm have utilized a variety of alternative approaches to family law litigation for years.

Are new business growth models impacting commercial real estate?

According to a recent report, the market for commercial real estate is improving across the country. Specifically, many regions are reporting a building boom. In Boston, specifically, office rent growth is picking up. One commentator went so far as to describe the region's office leasing market as the strongest it's been in 50 years. Although not everyone may share that extremely favorable opinion, development does seem to be on the rise again.

Is stability a factor in child custody determinations?

Although readers may be familiar with the best interest of the child standard, understanding how that principle is applied in practice can still be confusing. Although both parents may be concerned about their child's welfare during a divorce, disagreements may arise over legal and physical custody, child support and visitation arrangements.

5 things to consider when co-parenting after divorce

Divorce is a painful process for many people in Massachusetts. Even when it is the best choice for you, your spouse and your children, it can be hard to get over some of the feelings you experienced before or during the divorce. When you have children, however, setting those feelings aside can make the transition to a new life easier on them.

When does Chapter 11 bankruptcy make sense for a small business?

When your business is facing difficult financial struggles, it is important to understand what your options are. While some business owners in Massachusetts are able to turn things around without bankruptcy, others look to bankruptcy as a way to protect themselves and their business interests. But when you are considering bankruptcy because of a struggling business, is Chapter 11 always best?

Some states take issue with EPA's new definition of 'navigable U.S. waters'

Land use regulations in Massachusetts are ever-evolving, and different municipalities have significantly different requirements and restrictions. To avoid time-consuming pitfalls and oversights that could affect the success of your development project, it is important to work with an attorney who is familiar with each jurisdiction's codes and practices.

Do non-compete laws in Massachusetts strike a fair balance for employers and employees?

The debate over a possible ban of non-compete agreements in Massachusetts has flared up again in the Legislature. Lawmakers are considering whether current law strikes a fair balance between protecting employers' trade secrets and ensuring that employees have reasonable opportunities to change jobs, start new companies and innovate.

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