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June 2015 Archives

Trademark concerns for Massachusetts business owners

As a business owner, you can establish your right to a trademark or servicemark through regular use of the mark, but it's a good idea, in terms of protecting against liabilities, to register the mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Can a family law firm help with estate planning?

Although readers may associate the area of family law with litigation issues like divorce or child custody, our Worcester County, Massachusetts law firm also pairs estate planning with family law services. We recommend that individuals in all stages of life prepare an estate plan. 

Don't let an unfair divorce settlement cut you out of retirement benefits

People in the United States are living longer than ever before, and these days you need a good retirement plan. One major life event that can throw a kink in your plan, however, is divorce.

Recognizing discrimination in the enforcement of HOA rules

Imagine for a moment that you are living in a development that has a homeowners association. Despite the added expense each month, you're fairly happy with the association because they have rules in place that make sure that everyone living in the development is in compliance with these rules, thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of a disputes between neighbors.

Can you appeal a divorce decree in Massachusetts?

Whether you're a regular reader of our blog or a first time visitor, chances are you are aware of the fact that Massachusetts divides property in a divorce according to the equitable distribution rule. Despite what is suggested by its title, equitable distribution doesn't mean a 50/50 cut of marital property. In fact, there are a lot of things that are taken into consideration, which means one spouse could end up getting "more" in the divorce and yet still have the distribution be considered fair in the eyes of the court.

High court decision may affect religious freedom in the workplace

As you may already know, government regulations such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act exist as a way to prevent employers from discriminating against their employees. Though many employees are unaware of these protections, most are happy that they have them, especially if their claim of discrimination leads to litigation. That's because these regulations not only hold employers accountable for violating employment law, they also give employees remedy when a violation occurs.

Could a parent's disability affect their custody rights?

For a lot of parents across Massachusetts -- or the nation for that matter -- their children mean everything to them, which is why the prospect of losing custody of them is oftentimes a devastating thought for so many. Unfortunately, because of how our state laws are set up, parents can lose custody of their children. You should know though that you have the right to fight back against this decision and can do so with the help of a lawyer.

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