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May 2015 Archives

Charter-Time Warner deal may unnerve some shareholders

A lot of people here in Massachusetts, as well as across the nation, are talking about the deal that was struck recently by Charter Communications Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc. The merger between the two companies, who have long lived in the shadow of the powerhouse cable provider Comcast Corp, will strengthen their position within the cable industry, potentially even giving Comcast a run for its money down the road.

The rare genetic condition that creates problems with DNA testing

If you're a regular reader of our blog then you know how important it is for fathers to establish paternity here in Massachusetts. Not only does it create a legal link between father and child -- which is helpful is custody and support cases -- it also makes it easier to get answers about a child's medical history and if they are eligible for additional benefits because of their father's history.

Things to ask yourself about your commercial property transaction

You'd be very hard-pressed to find a company or business owner whose main goal was not to be successful. That's because most people don't build companies just to watch them fail. They instead invest wisely and make efforts to help their business grow and expand down the road.

How can business valuation affect property division?

Property division is rarely ever the easiest step in the divorce process. This is because most Massachusetts couples don't realize how entangled their assets -- as well as their debts -- have become until they are forced to separate them. As you can imagine, this can lead to disputes, especially if one spouse thinks they're not getting a fair deal.

It's not okay to ignore harassment in a Massachusetts workplace

Harassment in the workplace is not tolerated here in Massachusetts or across the nation for that matter. It's something that not only employees need to know but employers as well. That's because harassment that goes unaddressed by management can lead to a hostile work environment, which can leave a victim of harassment feeling unsafe and even upset that their employer is failing to uphold the law and remedy the situation.

When do Massachusetts judges order supervised visitation?

Some of our more frequent Worcester readers can attest to the fact that not all child custody cases are a challenge. Sometimes, simple guidance from the courts is all parents need in order to come to a fair and reasonable visitation agreement that allows both parents to maintain a relationship with their child or children. But as you can imagine, some cases can involve issues that might make a resolution less straightforward.

You can't build there! A look at zoning laws in Massachusetts

Whether you're a business owner or an individual simply looking to build your first home, there is something that you probably both have in common. At some point, you have probably both said, "This looks like a great place to build a property!" As you will soon find out though, thinking this and acting on it are two completely different things.

Court says Shepherd is legal mother of surrogate child

If you're a long-time follower of our blog, then you may have read our post about Sherri Shepherd, a former host from the show "The View," which appeared on our blog near the end of May last year. In the post, we explained that Shepherd was embroiled in two separate child custody disputes. While the first dispute involved accusations of neglect, the second case involved a family law issue that was far more complex: custody over a surrogate child.

What is Chapter 11 and who can file for it in Massachusetts?

Switching gears from family law, but still continuing our discussion about debts, divorce and bankruptcy from earlier this week, we wanted to answer a question that might be on the minds of our Worcester readers at this very moment. The question concerns Chapter 11 bankruptcy and just so happens to be the title of today's post.

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