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April 2015 Archives

Debts, divorce and bankruptcy: a combo our lawyers can handle

Because most people only have a very limited understanding of the law, many find themselves woefully unprepared to handle the complex legal situations that can sometimes arise when getting a divorce. In a lot of cases, couples have been married for a number of years, intermixing their assets as well as their debts. When presented with a divorce, tensions run high, making it difficult for couples to come to a consensus about who owes what.

Casino proposal across state lines raises environmental concerns

In a small corner of our state, the city of Fall River is up against a big decision that could affect where they get water in case of emergency. Unfortunately, the decision is being made across state lines in Rhode Island, where zoning and land use laws may differ from here in Massachusetts. The hope now is that officials across state lines will take all environmental concerns into consideration, even if it does not affect the state where the decision is taking place.

A look at prenuptial agreements in Massachusetts

If you're an avid follower of our blog, then you've likely read a number of our posts regarding marital agreements. As you've probably gathered, these legal documents can be incredibly useful, especially during the property division step of a divorce.

Adoption isn't always about the legalese but the emotions as well

There are a lot of people here in Massachusetts who are not as familiar with the area of family law as our Worcester readers are. That's because they, unlike our readers, are not frequent visitors to our blog and are not exposed to all of the issues associated with family law. This generally means that their idea of what a family law issue is might be confined to just divorce or child custody.

Starting new business? Meet your attorney early in the process

If you are starting a business, in addition to meeting with bankers, financiers and other business owners, you should find and begin a relationship with an attorney. During the start up process, you may have noticed that there are legal implications to virtually every decision you make.

Judge utilizes social media to serve divorce papers

A lot of people consider divorce to be one of the most challenging things they will ever encounter in their lifetime. What starts as the difficult decision to dissolve the marriage quickly moves into the next challenge: serving your spouse divorce papers. Here in Massachusetts, this must be done within 90 days of filing a complaint. The court summons is then delivered to your spouse via a sheriff or constable.

Small businesses must be aware of their requirements under the ACA

As a small business owner, you want to do everything in your power to ensure your continued success. While much of this success will depend on the decisions made during your formation and the business strategies adopted going forward, it will also depend on your ability to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations -- local, state and federal.

Understanding guardianships in Massachusetts

Have you ever wondered what happens to a person's estate, belongings and financial obligations in the event that they become incapacitated? If you're like a lot of Americans, the thought has probably crossed your mind at least once in your life because of a personal experience or because of someone else's story. But do you know the solution to this very real problem or are you like some of our Massachusetts readers and are curious to find out?

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