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March 2015 Archives

With urban growth may come changes in environmental laws

As Boston has grown, so have its surrounding neighborhoods. In fact, according to the Boston Development Authority, the city has grown to twenty-six neighborhoods. Even more notable is that over half of those communities were once separate towns. The City of Boston gradually annexed them over time.

A box of chocolates to avoid

In the movie Forrest Gump, the title character famously observed that "life is like a box of chocolates." He continued, because "You never know what you're gonna get." Business litigation can likewise be like a box of chocolates for the same reason. While you may intend one result, you need to be cautious that something entirely unplanned for does not develop from you initial action.

How psychology may play a role in property division

If there is anything that books like "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus" and movies like "He's Just Not Into You," have taught us it's that even though men and women are speaking the same language, we're really not. That's because men and women have very different communication styles. This can create problems though, especially when it comes time for negotiations during the divorce process, because one spouse may have difficulty understanding what the other is saying.

Worcester v. nonprofits

There is no doubt that Worcester values its institutions of higher learning. City leaders frequently boast of the educated work force the colleges and universities have produced. But those same leaders have also shaken their heads in frustration with the schools that have tax-exempt status and the legal ability to flout zoning laws.

Why you should speak with an attorney to avoid litigation

When it comes to your business, you tend to know it better than anyone. You understand the work you do and how it can benefit your customers and consequently, you also understand the deals and decisions you need to make to keep your business successful.

Can a spouse still request alimony after an annulment?

If you're a frequent reader of our blog and read last week's post that asked the question about the difference between a divorce and an annulment, then you know that annulments differ from divorces because it treats a marriage as if it never happened. Although an annulment does not affect child support obligations, it can affect other aspects associated with ending a marriage, like property division and requests for alimony.

Is there a difference between a divorce and an annulment?

If you're a native speaker of the English language, then you probably use a lot of words interchangeably. That's because the denotative meaning, or the definition found in the dictionary, for one word might be similar enough to another word to allow you to use the terms synonymously in everyday speech.

Maybe you shouldn't put that in your contract

Contracts are tremendously flexible legal instruments. Between two parties of reasonably equivalent bargaining power, a well-drafted contract can memorialize the goals of the parties and provide a roadmap for remedies, should one party fail to live up to the terms of their obligation.

Considering an overseas real estate investment? Heed these tips

According to a recent article, an increasing number of Americans are looking for overseas properties. Certainly, one advantage to living on the East Coast is more reasonable travel times to many European and Caribbean destinations. With the help of technology applications like video chatting, it is also easier to stay in touch.

Local banks sue for injunction to stop city ordinance

For a lender, time is always money. Interest is charged on loans to account for the cost of a borrower using the bank's money over time. And when it comes time to foreclose on a property, it is typically because the borrower has stopped making their monthly mortgage payments.

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