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November 2014 Archives

What form will you choose for your business?

Starting a new business is a daunting prospect. There are a multitude of issues that all must be dealt with simultaneously. You have to have the idea and the concept for your new business. There are the mechanics of obtaining sufficient funding, whether through traditional banks, venture capital or new forms like crowdfunding with a kickstarter campaign.

How communication styles can affect outcomes of family law issues

If you asked most people here in Massachusetts what that most important part of a relationship is, they would more than likely tell you that communication is key. But even though clear and open communication is often cited as the most integral part of a successful relationship, did you know it is just as important during the divorce process?

Business litigation: some situations are more interesting

When one company interferes with another company, we sometimes call it friendly competition. Other times, we call in the lawyers and begin a course of business litigation. There is sometimes a fine line between competition and active interference with other business relationships that can lead to claims of tortious interference and litigation.

Why do people get divorces?

We all know that relationships -- and subsequently marriage -- are hard work and can oftentimes become difficult challenges for many people. But as new research over the last couple of years has shown, divorce is no stranger to this fact either.

Easements are not always that easy

Easements are an area of property law that a few people, outside of real property lawyers, really understand. But if you own a business, the scope of the easements that are attached to your property are often essential to your ability to operate your business and care should be taken to consider their potential effects.

Can an inheritance affect child support obligation?

Here in Massachusetts, the courts take a lot of different things into consideration when it comes to determining a child support obligation and how much one parent will be required to pay the other. Everything from the child's needs to the non-custodial parent's income are taken into consideration before a decision is made.

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