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October 2014 Archives

Does your Massachusetts LLC need an operating agreement?

While Massachusetts Limited Liability Company Act does not demand that your LLC have a formal operating agreement, it is generally a good idea to have one in place. The operating agreement serves many purposes and is flexible, so it can easily be tailored to meet your businesses specific needs.

What are some issues older couples may face during divorce?

If you're like many of our older readers who are over the age of 50, then you've probably collected a number of life events and many more stories to tell. From marriage, to your first house, to the birth of your children, a majority of what has happened to you has been life changing in some way, just as they have been for other people across the state.

Why 'I don't need a lawyer' is the wrong way to approach divorce

No two marriages are the same. Even if you scoured the entire United States, the chances of you finding another couple with the exact same family and financial situation as you is next to impossible. The reason we bring this up is to emphasize this next point: no two divorces are the same either.

This party line is no party when you get the bill

Businesses face many risks. They range from risks of your employees being injured on the job, to the threat of one of those employees absconding with your intellectual property or embezzling your funds. And there are endless, but more mundane risks, such as a fire in your building destroying your business records or weather related problems, such as floods or Nor'easters shutting your business down.

What family law issues usually require legal guidance?

People from around the world often call the United States a highly litigious country. For many of our Massachusetts readers, this statement comes as little to no shock. That's because our readers are aware of the fact that not only are there a large number of state laws but federal laws as well. These laws are often incredibly complex and are not typically well understood by everyone, which leads many to seek the help of a skilled lawyer from time to time.

Don't overlook obvious safety risks

When it comes to your business, you have a great deal to think about. At any given moment, you may be mulling over everything from your customer's satisfaction and warranty issues with your products to hiring new employees and determining if you need a confidentially agreement for your existing employees.

Issues affecting affordable housing development projects

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh recently released his first official housing plan. The report calls for more developers of middle-class housing projects and includes several strategies for attracting them, such as property tax incentives and land deals. 

More Monet, more problems: dividing art in a divorce

Here in Massachusetts, all property is divided into two categories: separate and marital property. Whatever was acquired prior to marriage, or was specifically purchased or given to one spouse during the marriage, is considered separate property. Whatever doesn't fall into this category, however, is considered marital property and subject to equitable distribution.

More issues impacting commercial real estate transactions

Although it may be easy to understand the desire to preserve historical structures, disagreements can arise in their classification. In the context of land use and zoning, such efforts may impose a height restriction on skyscrapers or other commercial development projects. 

Does your business need confidentiality agreements

Almost all businesses have some information that they would like kept private. It may as simple as your customer list, as rare as the recipe for Coca Cola or as exotic as some mineral extraction process. You may have a few items, or you may have a vast portfolio of these items. An important method of protecting these assets is a confidentiality agreement or a nondisclosure agreement.

The things you learn by looking at someone else's divorce

The high-asset divorce of oil tycoon Harold Hamm from his wife Sue Ann Hamm has grabbed much of the nation's attention, probably much to the chagrin of the couple. But even though their divorce is happening in another state and is likely governed by laws that may be different from other states, their case still highlights some important issues that arise during divorce.

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