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September 2014 Archives

Do reverse mortgages ease retirement worries?

Some might imagine the benefits of retirement to include a more relaxed schedule and fewer debts. For example, children might be grown, a house mortgage might be paid off, and retirement accounts may have vested. Why, then, are some retired Americans exploring a reverse mortgage?

What finances should be of top concern for divorcing couples?

Most people who go through the divorce process find it a trying time in their lives because it forces them to consider things they hadn't thought about since they married. We're talking, of course, about finances and this can lead to contentious arguments if divorcing spouses aren't prepared.

Do zoning officials favor foreign property developers?

Although zoning laws may sometimes get in the way of a commercial developer's brainstorming and design ideas, they are the law. Yet a recent article suggests that not every property developer may be held to the same standard. 

Study: divorce affects high-asset kids more than low-income kids

Whether you see it coming or not, divorce usually has a profound effect on just about everyone who has gone through it. Rarely ever simple, divorce often takes an emotional toll on every party associated with the separation, including children who may be just as powerless as you are with what's going on.

Difficult personalities make management "interesting"

Managing personalities is as important as managing any other aspect of your business. Your financial management and accounting is important, but much of that can be contracted out to the accounting industry. Unless you are a sole proprietor and work with no one, at some point you will have to manage people. And the people you hire will have to manage other people.

Good idea or bad idea: luxury hotel offers divorce package

There are a lot of times in your life where cutting corners really isn't a good idea; and if you ask most people, they will tell you that divorce is one such time. That's because, depending on the complexity of your case, divorce could turn into a contentious battle that could require the help of a skilled attorney who has your best interest in mind when suggesting resolutions.

New law helps State Department with international custody cases

As some of our more frequent readers know, child custody issues are not just domestic affairs. They can actually cross international lines as well, which can turn problematic, especially if the other country does not recognize our laws.

For every business, there is a season

Businesses often have a discernible lifecycle. There is a birth process, the tentative steps of a toddler, the sometimes stumbling overconfidence of adolescence, the steady competence of middle age. However, what happens next? Some companies survive for many, many years, while others suffer some calamity and may close in a short time.

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