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July 2014 Archives

Strategies for approaching lease disputes, negotiations

In Massachusetts, state law governs certain aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship. In fact, the website of the Attorney General of Massachusetts contains helpful information about tenancies established by written lease and those at-will. The information is helpful for prospective tenants, especially those who might not know that they have certain protected rights. 

Is there a correlation between Facebook use and divorce?

If someone told you that excessive use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter can end a relationship, then you might be inclined to believe it. That's because it's relatively plausible. Using Facebook interferes with face-to-face interactions, therefore decreasing chances to resolve relationship issues. It can also be used as a way of cheating on your spouse or escaping from the unpleasantness of real life.

Trademark infringement, Part 2: Finding and addressing violations

In a previous post, we discussed a concept that is very important to both emerging and well-established businesses: maintaining a unique brand. A major part of protecting a brand comes in the form of trademark protection.

Ways to approach a zoning or building permit denial

There's no denying that Boston and many of its surrounding suburbs have a great deal of history. According to the city of Boston's website, there are nine local Historic District Commissions that review property owners' requests to make exterior design changes to real estate located within designated districts. 

Settlement payments for wrongful foreclosures total $3.1 billion

Although a real estate attorney is usually called upon in the front-end of a deal, a recent story suggests that a legal professional could also provide counsel to residential or commercial owners facing foreclosure. 

Surrogacy agreement could complicate talk show host's divorce

When it comes to getting a heads up about the divorce process, some people find personal stories incredibly helpful. Whether these stories come courtesy of family and friends or from celebrities in the tabloids, though every case is different, sometimes hearing about someone else's plight can affirm that you are not the only one who has struggled with the legal process.

Commercial real estate companies adjust to foreclosure market

Although many aspects of the housing industry were affected after the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, some commercial real estate companies responded by buying foreclosed properties in bulk. That institutional buying is credited with helping home prices to rise in many distressed markets.

Trademark infringement, Part 1: Registering with the government

The business arena is incredibly competitive. In order to stay ahead, it's important for business owners to operate on a sound model and set themselves apart in the marketplace. Part of developing and maintaining a unique brand is securing trademark rights.

What you don't know about divorce might surprise you

We've all heard a stereotype about divorce that has affected how we thought about the dissolution of marriage. For some people it may have been statistics about the divorce rate. For others, it may have been how troublesome the process can be. And in a large number of those cases, it has caused people to associate a negative stigma with divorce in general.

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