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May 2014 Archives

Are government-guaranteed mortgages unfair?

Some commentators may question the federal government’s level of involvement in the mortgage market. At least two entities that guarantee mortgages, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, are government sponsored. That involvement may raise certain expectations and policy questions.

Overdue changes could be coming to Massachusetts custody laws

The concept of child custody has changed greatly around the U.S. in recent decades. There was a time in this country when, upon a couple's divorce, it was more or less expected that children would stay with their mother and see their fathers only intermittently for visitation time. The burgeoning fathers' rights movement, along with the growing prominence of working mothers, has meant that these assumptions are no longer necessarily valid.

Landlords segregate their amenities for high-paying tenants

In either a residential or commercial real estate context, an attorney might caution against unwritten easements or rights. Although current neighbors might permit certain rights of shared access or use, a new owner might bristle at any such unofficial arrangements. 

Talk show host facing 2 separate child custody disputes

Divorce can be heated as it is, but when child custody becomes an issue, it can become downright nasty. Parents will often slam the other in an attempt to obtain sole custody of their child and to force the other parent to pay child support. While some of the issues raised during these disputes are irrelevant, others may directly pertain to the child's best interests, the determinative factor a judge used to make reach a final decision.

Are there signs of divorce for Massachusetts' couples?

Marriages often go through highs and lows. But are there signs that a marriage is headed for divorce? The answer is: maybe. Some experts believe there are clear cut signs that a divorce is on the horizon, while others may be doubtful. Either way, Massachusetts residents should take note of the following signs of a souring marriage and ask themselves if it is time for them to move on.

Lender initiated foreclosures fall to seven-year low

An individual might need a residential real estate attorney in a number of scenarios. Big events like a purchase or sale come to mind, but an attorney might also provide assistance for disputes involving property tax appeals or zoning issues.

Massachusetts study finds divorce may be socially contagious

Many in Massachusetts may look at their family members and friends and think that everyone is getting divorced. While that certainly is not true, a new study suggests that divorce may be contagious. According to the study, conducted in Massachusetts by Brown University, found that 75 percent of those who had a friend divorced were more likely to get divorced themselves. Also, 33 percent of those who had a friend of a friend get divorced were more likely to file for marriage dissolution. Researchers say the increased chance of divorce can be attributed to "social contagion," where attitudes, behaviors and information are spread and shared amongst groups of family and friends.

Boston Globe considers a commercial real estate sale

The Boston Globe recently announced that it is exploring sale options for its 16.5-acre headquarters on Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Not surprisingly, the newspaper has wisely enlisted the assistance of a commercial real estate firm.

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