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March 2014 Archives

Struggling retailers may require lease or loan restructuring

It goes without saying that some small business owners may have struggled to remain in the black after the economic downturn in late 2007. Unfortunately, vendor contracts and commercial lease payment obligations may not be able to accommodate cash flow issues. As a result, some business professionals may have consulted a real estate attorney about their commercial loan issues.

Social media can affect child custody cases

Divorce is rarely easy, but it can be especially difficult when children are involved. Oftentimes, parents who are going through a divorce will battle over custody of their children. These disputes can be emotionally charged, causing arguments that affect both parents and their children. Though a final child custody determination is based on a child's best interests, divorcing parents should be aware that some acts can hurt their claims in such a dispute.

Small business owners agree to local commercial property sale

Readers of this real estate law blog may have conflicted feelings about construction in the name of progress. On the one hand, readers probably appreciate efforts to preserve historical buildings. Such efforts may have both financial and historical benefit. Boston’s historic district, for example, is a top destination for tourists to Massachusetts. 

Billionaire keeps controlling interest in company after divorce

The decision whether or not to get a divorce can be complicated by many legal issues, such as child custody, child support, alimony and division of marital property and debts. The matter may be exacerbated when the divorcing couple has a lot of assets. In these instances, parties may fight over what they believe is theirs, and the final determination can mean the difference between starting a new life that is financially sound and starting one that is financially unstable. With finances playing an integral role in a party's well-being, it may be best for these individuals to seek out a legal professional who will represent the party's best interests.

Star's father obtains child support modification after losing job

Child support is a serious divorce legal issue. It is important to support a child's best interests, and paying child support can help cover his or her education, medical and every day needs. Though the court system attempts to reach a fair amount of payment which the owing parent should pay to the custodial parent, sometimes changed circumstances make it difficult or impossible for the owing parent to make full payments. In these instances, it may be possible to obtain a child support modification.

Changing landscape of residential real estate in Massachusetts

For many Worcester residents, the dream of owning a personal residence may involve a single family home on its own lot. While that dream is still achievable across the state, changes in the residential real estate market are offering interested home buyers a chance to buy homes with different zoning designations.

How to handle a business in the event of a divorce

Many divorces have their sticking points. Whether a splitting couple argues over division of marital property and debts, child custody, child support or alimony, a snag can draw the divorce process out and make it tough to deal with emotionally. For those couples that own a business together, divorce can bring a whole host of additionally issues with which to deal. These individuals much figure out how the divorce will affect their business relationship and how to handle such a change, legally and emotionally.

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