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February 2014 Archives

Effective preparation for a real estate purchase

Owning a home is something that many Worcester residents dream of doing in their lifetimes. After years of saving, watching the real estate market and deciding where they want to live, many people feel ready to put down hundreds of thousands of dollars just to earn a coveted title: property owner. Though parties can engage in real estate transactions in a number of ways, there are several tried and true methods of securing real estate purchases that can help buyers get into the homes of their dreams.

Planning may be crucial for Massachusetts child custody battles

Many of Massachusetts' residents know a divorce can raise a whole host of legal issues. While some worry about property division and alimony, others are primarily concerned with child custody. Though many Massachusetts Child Custody cases result in joint physical custody, some parents may feel sole custody supports the child's best interests. Those who seek to obtain sole custody often face a long, hard road full of opposition. For this reason, it is a good idea to be as prepared as possible before heading down that path.

Foreclosure scams still a part of real estate market

When Massachusetts residents fall behind on their mortgages they have many reputable options to turn to for finding financial guidance and support. Unfortunately, some dishonest individuals and organizations do exist and prey on struggling homeowners when they are most in need of help. Often times victims do not know they have been scammed until it is too late to save their residences.

Prenuptial agreement may be right for many in Massachusetts

Those who have read stories of divorce or know someone who has gone through a divorce of his or her own may be afraid of tying the knot with their loved one. After hearing of divorce disputes arising out of property division and alimony, they may fear losing everything in the event the marriage goes south. Fortunately, those considering marriage can take legal action to put these frightening thoughts to rest.

Migrating to make a residential real estate purchase

Anyone who has tried to buy a home in Worcester knows how hard it can be to get an offer to stick. With multiple bids coming in on individual properties some buyers may feel like that there are forces working against them to keep them out of the housing market. One such force may have recently been identified.

Financial aspects to consider when getting a divorce

With Valentine's Day on the horizon many are thinking about flowers, chocolates and love. But many others are thinking of something else: divorce. The decision to file for divorce can be one of the toughest to make, especially during this time of year. Not only are emotional concerns raised, but a variety of financial issues pop up, too. Therefore, those who are considering filing for divorce may be best served by speaking with a Worcester Divorce Lawyer who can discuss the process, the legal issues that may come into play, and how post-divorce life may look.

State legislation may provide clarity to some real estate titles

There are always risks inherent to buying or selling properties on the residential real estate market but most Massachusetts residents believe that once they get through the closing process, the negotiating drama should end. For some individuals who purchased foreclosed properties in the past, new issues arose when the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court voided many of those sales.

Remaining in marriage for kids' sake may not be best

The decision to get divorced is almost always difficult to make, but it can be especially hard when children are involved. Many couples feel it is better for the children for the marriage to remain intact. While parents may think having both parents present in the household provides a stable, welcoming and comfortable home, the truth may be different.

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