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January 2014 Archives

Post-nuptial agreement can ease stay-at-home parents' fears

Having a child can drastically change one's life. When a married couple has a baby, several difficult decisions must be made. The couple must figure out how to pay for the child's needs while determining whether one parent will stay at home with the child. The decision to quit one's job to stay home with children is a hard one to make, and one that can have serious financial consequences in the event of a divorce.

Lease negotiations can be problems for rental property owners

While most of the posts on this site address issues related to home ownership for Worcester residents, this post deals with an important aspect of residential real estate: rental properties. Many area residents might be interested to learn more about how to successfully prepare their properties for efficient and effective leasing.

Fed grants new appraisal access; may reduce real estate disputes

Ever wonder how appraisers come up with valuations for properties? The previously closed process that sometimes leaves Worcester homeowners scratching their heads has recently been unlocked by the passage of a new federal rule.

Many choose to consider divorce starting in January

With the holiday season passed, many individuals are filing for or contemplating divorce. In fact, in some circles, January has become known as "Divorce Month." Experts suggest January is the month when many start researching their options regarding marriage dissolution.

Brewery, beer-making store settle intellectual property dispute

A Massachusetts store that sells supplies for do-it-yourself makers of beer and wine saw an eight-month trademark dispute finally come to a close. The shop, Strange Brew, had targeted a Virginia craft brewery known as Strangeways Brewing in the business litigation after Strangeways attempted to register its name as a trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Strange Brew's opposition to the trademark request was filed in May 2013, shortly before the brewery started selling beer.

Achieve a real estate sale in the middle of winter

The housing market in Worcester can be as volatile as a Massachusetts winter and people trying to sell their homes at the start of the calendar year can encounter some challenges with moving their properties. Though there are some steps homeowners can take to make their properties more attractive to potential buyers, a person hoping to execute a real estate sale can always choose to work with a real estate attorney to help successfully move the process along.

Money issues raised by divorce? Avoid with prenuptial agreement

Deciding whether or not to get married can be one of the most difficult decisions to make in life. Not only should one consider the love he or she has for the other person, but he or she should also contemplate the financial ramifications of marriage. First, getting married may be an effective way of building wealth. For example, through an employer-sponsored retirement plan, a couple can contribute $35,000 to a 401(k) retirement account whereas an individual is limited to $17,500 per year.

BlackBerry files keyboard suit

Tech-savvy residents of Massachusetts may have heard that BlackBerry Ltd has filed a lawsuit against Typo Products, LLC, which was co-founded by "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest. The company's physical keyboards can attach to some of the iPhone 5 models, replacing the touchscreen keyboard with a tangible one. The keyboards have not been officially released, but Typo is taking pre-orders. The keyboards are set to retail at $99 each.

International tire buyout ends

Massachusetts drivers may be interested in knowing that a $2.2 billion tire buyout has been canceled after a messy legal interchange between Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and the Indian Apollo Tyres. The deal, which was announced about six months ago, has been cancelled by Cooper, which claims that financing is unavailable. Cooper also is adamant that Apollo Tyres breached terms of the agreement; although, a court investigation found no evidence of a breach on Apollo's part.

Making a residential real estate purchase in the New Year

The last twelve months have demonstrated just how exciting the residential real estate market can be. All across Worcester and in the rest of the country people got into new residential properties at great prices and with incredible interest rates. As 2014 kicks off, experts in the residential real estate field see more relatively good things ahead.

More men seek alimony from their ex-spouse

Readers of this blog and those going through a divorce may know how difficult the process can be. Yet, even once marriage dissolution is finalized, financial issues may arise. Children must still be cared for and everyday expenses must be paid. For this reason, it is imperative a divorcing party seeks a resolution that protects his or her financial interests. Amongst these is alimony.

Massachusetts companies should examine intellectual property

Perhaps you are a Massachusetts startup company, looking for investors. One of the key things they will want to know is whether you own any intellectual property (IP). Hopefully, you will be able to confidently answer that you do and explain what that entails. However, if your company is like many others, the answer may not be so clear cut, causing investors to become leery due to the potential for future business litigation.

Flood insurance costs are a big residential real estate matter

People who live in Massachusetts know that the winters can be treacherous. From damaging winds to heavy snow and ice events, the arctic temperatures that residents must face become a regular part of living in New England. Other seasons can present major weather problems as well, and neighboring cities like New York were horrifically affected by rain and winds just this last year. All of those regional weather problems are contributing to a new concern for many commercial and residential property owners in the area.

Divorcing in Massachusetts? Don't neglect retirement accounts

Going through a divorce can be quite complex, especially when conflict arises over a variety of legal issues. Divorcing parents may fight over child custody and child support, one spouse may seek alimony, and the couple may disagree over how to divide marital debts. Property division disputes are common in a divorce and often necessitate legal assistance to settle the matter. While Massachusetts couples often address many physical assets such as cars and homes, they should not neglect to address retirement accounts and pension benefits.

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