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December 2013 Archives

Massachusetts pharmacy chain closes

A chain of pharmacies that has served Freetown, the Cape and other areas for more than forty years has closed its doors for the last time. The married proprietors of Sedell's Pharmacy have sold their last three locations to the national drug store corporation CVS and announced their retirement. CVS actively pursued the acquisition of their pharmacy and took over their customer base without any interruption in service, though Freetown residents will now have to drive a small distance further to get their prescriptions.

Census Bureau: billions in child support unpaid by parents

A report released by the Census Bureau shows a statistic that may be disturbing to some in Massachusetts. According to 2011's data, 48 percent, or more than $14 billion, of child support owed to custodial parents in the United States went unpaid. Perhaps even worse is the fact that only a little more than 43 percent of custodial parents received their full child support payments. The report found noncustodial parents who are older and more educated are more likely to make their support payments, but this is little relief to those who find themselves going without much needed financial assistance.

New construction boosts residential real estate purchases

Here in Massachusetts and all across the United States signs of an improved economy are popping up. Unemployment rates are dropping as more people find and stay in jobs. Additionally, individuals are looking to buy and sell their homes at higher rates than in the recent past. In addition to existing home sales, new home sales are beginning to drive residential real estate purchases as well.

The importance of compliance for businesses

As many Massachusetts business owners know, there are often quite a few steps involved in business creation. However, it is important for business owners to take time out from their day-to-day operations to make sure they don't overlook seemingly small details that can cause big problems if they are not handled correctly.

No end in sight for difficult 17-year divorce battle

As many readers of our Massachusetts family law blog are aware, divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences of one's life. Even in an uncontested Massachusetts Divorce, emotions may run high over issues concerning child custody, Division of marital property and debts and Spousal support. In divorces involving significant litigation, a matter can last months or even years. Although certainly not the norm, a divorce case from the Midwest serves as an extreme example of a lengthy, contentious divorce and the issues that can be involved.

Kardashian, Odom divorce settlement provides valuable insight

Some may tire of hearing news of celebrity divorces. While the media may be saturated with these stories, they often provide important insight into how a divorce can be settled. For this reason, it is important Massachusetts residents are aware of these high-profile divorces, and how their resolutions may help them in their own situation.

Managing a real estate transaction with ease

With the New Year rapidly approaching, residents of Worcester might be making resolutions. While some may hope to lose weight or find new careers, others may want to either sell their homes or become first-time home buyers. Experts in the real estate market have summarized some useful ways of successfully navigating a real estate transaction as either a buyer or a seller.

Ice Cream and Printers in Massachusetts

What Lexmark, off-brand printer cartridges and an ice cream parlor have in common has become the subject of a United States Supreme Court debate. The debate is centered around how to determine who can bring about false advertising claims under federal law.

MA divorcees should be sure to revise estate plans

Readers of this blog are well aware of the complexities of divorce. Parting couples can fight over many different legal issues, such as child custody, child support, alimony and property division. These battles can be fraught with emotions, leaving the parties wishing the process was over. Therefore, when Massachusetts residents reach the resolution of their divorce, they often breathe a sigh of relief and try to forget the whole ordeal. But the ripple effects of the divorce may linger, and failing to address them could lead to serious consequences.

Residential real estate purchases carry many costs

Many Massachusetts residents look forward to the day that they can step inside their newly purchased personal homes. For some it takes many years to get to that day because saving up enough money to make down payments can be significant undertakings. For those individuals who are interested in buying homes it is important to understand all of the financial costs associated with making a residential real estate purchase that go beyond simply having enough cash to put down.

Worcester city council examines residential tax rates

People hoping to buy homes in the Worcester residential real estate market have many factors to consider before making offers. After looking at schools, crime rates and other demographic issues, they must also find homes that meet their personal and financial needs. One factor that should be considered in the financial evaluation of a prospective home is that home's tax bill.

Swedish firm invests in Boston property

A Swedish commercial real estate development firm recently announced that it made another investment in the state of Massachusetts. Skanska USA Commercial Development, with regional offices in Boston, acquired a one-acre parking lot in that city. The commercial real estate purchase was made from a joint venture between Morgan Stanley and Boston Global Investors. A company executive said that the recent acquisition underscores its commitment to the region.

How to deal with child custody issues during the holiday season

Child custody issues are often a source of stress and contention for Massachusetts parents. These issues can be magnified during the holiday season, as families make plans for festivities and traveling. Despite the stress that comes with the holidays, there are several things parents can do to help ease tensions over child custody arrangements.

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