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November 2013 Archives

Massachusetts building owner files litigation against redeveloper

The owner of a Massachusetts office building sued the developer of a $1.6 billion project for allegedly not paying rent and attempting to get the building's tenants to relocate. The contract dispute pitted the owner against the redevelopment company that was charged with revitalizing downtown Quincy. The redeveloper was hit with a breach of contract suit in the amount of $12.9 million, which was the agreed-upon price for the owner to be paid for the building. A partner with Street-Works reported that the dispute was almost settled.

Municipalities find ways to save real estate, stop foreclosures

There is no question that many Worcester families have been hit with the overwhelmingly hard realities of foreclosure. As previously discussed on this blog, the community has formed groups and proposed anti-foreclosure measures specifically aimed at keeping local families in their homes. Other communities around the country have tried similar methods of stopping foreclosures and a few have even employed their municipalities' property reclamation authority to win the battle.

Billionaire Rupert Murdoch reaches settlement in third divorce

Readers of our Massachusetts family law blog may be interested to learn that Rupert Murdoch and his estranged wife recently appeared in court to announce they had reached a settlement in their divorce. The announcement was made at a hearing in a Lower Manhattan courtroom. The agreement between the medial mogul and his third wife makes a trial unnecessary and officially puts an end to their 14-year marriage.

Settlement requires Starbucks to pay nearly $3 billion

Massachusetts coffee drinkers may have heard that Starbucks has been ordered to pay Kraft Foods Group $2.76 billion as a result of arbitration hearings. The heart of the issue is a contract dispute over an agreement between the companies under which Kraft had sole rights to distribution, marketing and sales of roast and ground coffee made by Starbucks in grocery stores and other retail establishments. The contract reportedly netted Kraft $500 million in revenue during 2010. However Starbucks terminated the relationship with Kraft towards the end of that year.

Debunking child custody myths in a Massachusetts divorce

There have always been myths associated with child support payments and child custody. The counsel of an experienced Worcester Divorce Lawyer can be imperative when questions arise, because many myths are not founded in fact nor law. For instance, many people believe that if they are not current on their support payments, this may interfere with Child custody and visitation. However, this is simply not true. The confusion often arises from the complexities of the family law system.

Worcester foreclosure mediation program moves closer to reality

In what has become an ongoing debate between the city council and the city manager, the city of Worcester has taken one more step toward approving a mandatory foreclosure mediation program for some struggling homeowners and their lenders.

Office Depot-Office Max merger gets FTC approval

Business owners in Worcester may be interested in the progress of a merger between Office Depot and Office Max. The companies are the second and third largest office-supply chains in the country, and they hope the merger will help them better challenge Staples and online retailers. Office Depot will buy Office Max in the merger.

Prenuptial agreements becoming common among modern couples

Preparing for a marriage is an exciting time in the lives of Massachusetts residents. In addition to the laundry list of to-do items for the wedding, betrothed couples also need to start planning for their future. Although not considered romantic, future planning often necessitates a pre- or post-nuptial agreement.

For many, second mortgage reset period rapidly approaching

By all indications the Massachusetts housing market is in full recovery. Many of the previous stories discussed on this blog document how experts in the real estate field predict that current trends may hold firm and improve the market in the foreseeable future.

Massachusetts experiences an overall drop in foreclosures

As anxious home buyers and sellers navigate their way through the Worcester real estate market, a new report on the state's foreclosure trends suggests that people all across Massachusetts are finding effective ways of managing their mortgage obligations.

Questions arise over model alimony law in Massachusetts

Readers of our Massachusetts family law blog are likely aware that the state adopted a new alimony law nearly two years ago. Hailed as model alimony reform, the law was meant to replace an old system tarnished with abuse. Its purpose was to prevent inequities, by doing largely away with life-long alimony payments and alimony in short-term marriages. Instead, the alimony reform was meant to encourage financial independence and grant spousal support on an as-need basis.

Gaye family files counterclaim against Thicke

Massachusetts music fans may have heard that the family of the late singer Marvin Gaye recently filed suit against pop star Robin Thicke alleging that he sampled the R&B legend's catalog inappropriately. The business litigation plaintiffs said that Thicke needed to cease what they considered copyright infringement. They also called him to stop trying to attract attention by telling people he was inspired by Gaye's song "Got to Give It Up".

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