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October 2013 Archives

NFL sued by photographers over copyright infringement

Football fans in Massachusetts and around the country may be interested to learn that a group of seven freelance photographers have filed a lawsuit against the NFL and other companies for copyright infringement. The other defendants named in this business litigation case are the Associated Press and Getty Images. The federal suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York on Oct. 21, alleges that thousands of photographs were used by the defendants with complete disregard for the legal rights of their copyright owners.

More women seeking marital agreements to protect property

The decision to get married can be a difficult one. Not only do the parties agree to love each other for years to come, but they also make a financial agreement to share assets. For many, this places them on uneasy footing, especially when divorce is common and so many stories of harsh property division disputes circulate. But those who want to protect their assets when entering a marriage can do so without fear and such marital agreements are becoming more common.

Van Halen sues to protect its trademark from ex-wife of drummer

Van Halen fans in Massachusetts and around the nation are taking note of a business litigation case that pits the world famous rockers against the ex-wife of the band's drummer Alex Van Halen. At issue is a line of clothing and home goods being sold by the former Mrs. Van Halen.

Guide to property division in a Massachusetts divorce

A divorce is often one of the most stressful and emotional things experienced by Massachusetts residents. Although the dissolution process can be difficult, most people are able to look back years later and see a divorce as a turning point in their lives. However, while going through a divorce it is important to be as detailed as possible. This is especially important when it comes to finances and the division of property.

Worcester family faces eviction from real estate foreclosure

Foreclosures are still happening all over the country as well as right here in Worcester. A local family has waged an impressive fight against their lender and mortgage owner in an attempt to avoid eviction.

Judge rules in favor of Bentley in trademark case

Massachusetts car lovers may be interested in the recent ruling of a case involving the luxury car-maker Bentley and a company that offered Bentley kits. Bentley sued the owners of Keeping It Real Auto Customizing Inc. in federal court in 2012. The car maker alleged that the owners of the company had infringed on its trademark and diluted its brand by offering kits that transformed regular sedans from other brands into Bentley look-a-likes. The judge overseeing the business litigation recently ruled in the car maker's favor.

Agreement reached in Joe Scarborough's high-asset divorce

High asset divorces often involve complex issues not normally a part of most divorce proceedings. The financial aspects of a high asset divorce can add extra strain to an already tense time period. This is especially true if a pre- or post-nuptial agreement was not entered into by a couple prior to a Massachusetts divorce. There are often substantial sums of money or assets at stake, which makes it important to have experienced legal counsel.

Ways to avoid surprises during a real estate purchase

It is a great day when Worcester residents are able to purchase homes and move their lives into their new residences. Many people experience the joy of homeownership for a long time before they must address any problems with their new purchases, though some are quickly hit with unwelcoming surprises about their new abodes.

Survey shows cost is top concerns among couples in divorce

Readers of our Massachusetts family law blog may be interested to learn the results of a survey about the top concerns of couples when it comes to divorce. The results show that cost of a divorce is a top concern among the majority of people when it comes to the dissolution process.

Despite rising rates, real estate transactions expected to grow

Worcester residents might be interested to learn what national real estate transaction experts are saying about the current state of the national housing market. With interest rates climbing and demand booming, some may wonder if the market is headed for another collapse.

Abuse of patent litigation

The term "patent trolls" is a derogatory one used to describe those who file patent applications in as general a manner as possible and have no intention of actually using the patents except as a way to threaten to sue other purported users. The abuses have forced many business groups to call for the reform of patent laws in an effort to lower the incidence of business litigation.

New paternity lawsuit filed against NBA star Michael Jordan

In a new paternity lawsuit, a 32-year-old woman recently sued former basketball star Michael Jordan claiming he is the father of her young daughter. Court documents allege the woman gave birth in 2010 following an affair with the National Basketball Association legend. The mother of the two-year-old is asking for child support in her paternity suit and has made public statements on a social media website. Attorneys for Jordan allege paternity for the child at issue was established a year ago.

Real estate disputes arise in Worcester rental market

Amidst the exciting opportunities to buy and sell residential real estate here in Worcester, some people forget that many local residences are actually rental properties. While some people choose to rent due to busy schedules and transient lifestyles, others enjoy owning rental properties as a way to build equity in non-primary residence properties.

Global businesses facing potential threat to patent rights

Massachusetts businesses may be interested in an article that looks at potential issues with worldwide intellectual property protection for the pharmaceutical industry. A new trade agreement could have implications not just for drug companies, but for many businesses that interact with the global economy.

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