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September 2013 Archives

Hospital merger discussed at Massachusetts hearing

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's goal of acquiring Jordan Hospital was recently evaluated in an open public hearing in Kingston. Jordan employees who attended the hearing sought promises that the proposed business sale wouldn't lead to firings, but they also expressed their hopes that the proposed merger would improve the budget situation at the smaller local care facility.

Advanced technology gives rise to new property division disputes

Readers of our Massachusetts family law blog know that property division is a necessary step in every divorce case. Even in the most amicable of splits, emotions can run high as couples face division of everything from bank accounts to personal mementos. As reproductive science has advanced in the past years, a new question must be pondered. How are frozen embryos of a couple to be divided in the event of a divorce?

Worcester foreclosure mediation plan hits setback

As previously discussed on this blog, Worcester city council members have had very different views on the city's foreclosure policy than the city's manager. While some have supported implementing a city ordinance that would require homeowners with foreclosed properties to undergo mediation with their lenders, others have found the costs too high and the benefits too remote.

Business litigation brought in bad faith can be costly

In Massachusetts and all over the country, litigious patent holders (commonly known as "trolls") have been filing baseless patent violation lawsuits aimed at companies that would find it cheaper to pay out than to fight them in court. One man who became a billionaire from selling his startup to Google and whose new company was served with such a suit decided to fight back against such a troll with business litigation, a decision that he said was based on emotional satisfaction rather than financial sense.

Residential real estate market flourishing in Massachusetts

For Massachusetts residents waiting for the right time to get into the residential real estate market, that time may have arrived. Current housing market trends suggest that the housing crash of the last decade is truly on its way out and that healthy economic conditions are bringing the market back to success.

Tackling domestic partnership issues in a Massachusetts divorce

As more states continue to legalize same-sex marriages, Domestic partnership issues remain in the spotlight. As previously discussed in our Massachusetts family law blog, the increase in the number of states that recognize gay marriage has led to an associated increase in the number of gay divorces. As the forerunner of legalization of same-sex marriage, Domestic partnership issues such as divorce, child custody and child support are nothing new to experienced Worcester Family Law attorneys.

Patent lawsuit centered around kids' fad

Massachusetts readers may be interested to know about a man who claims to have created a plastic C-fastener that allows pre-teen girls to join bracelets they weave out of rubber bands has filed lawsuits against another manufacturer and Toys "R" Us Inc. claiming an intellectual property dispute. The man claims his company, Rainbow Loom, has sold 1.2 million kits and that he created the market for crafting the bracelets with rubber bands.

Mortgage rates rise across the country

Worcester residents thinking about buying real property or refinancing the existing homes may be interested to learn that mortgage interest rates are migrating north from their historic lows set earlier this year. The chief financial officer for Well Fargo & Co., the nation's biggest mortgage lender, does not believe that rising rates will slow down interest in buying homes, though Worcester residents with limited budgets may disagree.

Massachusetts child support guidelines recently updated

The Massachusetts Child support guidelines play a very important role in the financial care of children in the state. These guidelines provide for the calculation of Child support, taking into consideration both the income of parents and a child's needs. The importance of these guidelines makes it vital for readers of our Worcester family law blog to be aware of recent changes that may affect parents and children across Massachusetts.

Arbitration not the answer to two-year contract dispute

A Massachusetts hospital has been engaged in a two-year dispute with the nurses' union over proposed changes to overtime pay. In a union membership meeting on the issue, all but one of the attendees voted to use arbitration to resolve the contract dispute. However, the hospital president does not feel that it is in anyone's best interest to have an outsider make the decision.

Massachusetts foreclosure shows painful impact on families

It is often the case that bad situations compound and build upon each other. For many Massachusetts families, the loss of a job or a divorce can put into limbo the financial stability that two-income households generally experience and create turmoil when incoming money is cut in half. Though money struggles are often a byproduct of family problems, the impact of financial insecurity on a family can be more devastating than the actual challenges within the familial relationships.

Rape victim files suit against MA over child support order

Readers of our Massachusetts family law blog may be interested to learn of the progression of a Child support and visitation case that continues to grab headlines. The woman involved has sued Massachusetts for forcing her to have a relationship with her rapist. The victim became pregnant after the rape and had a baby in 2009.

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