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August 2013 Archives

Land sale to town could bring in state income

On Aug. 27, residents of Westborough who attended a public hearing expressed their happiness at the bargain price that they believe that they'll receive when their town buys the former state hospital. The real estate purchase involves the sale of 95 acres of property for $2.2 million; as much as half of the income from the site development would go back to the state.

Residential real estate goes small in Worcester

In and around Massachusetts, many people want to buy bigger homes to accommodate their growing families and incomes. It seems that only those people who are experiencing empty nests choose to downsize and seek out smaller spaces in which to live. That trend may be changing across the country as well as right here in Worcester.

Bank of America considers further consolidation

Bank of America, which operates a number of branches in Massachusetts and other states, is reportedly considering merging some of its subsidiary divisions into one unit under the parent company's name. A spokesperson for the bank said that the merger would reduce the number of distinctly named legal entities that the major bank operates and "streamline" the firm. The merger's main focus is the Merrill Lynch subdivision of the bank. Officials claim that the services and products that the brokerage offers would remain unchanged following the reorganization.

Former NFL star avoids prison over back child support payments

Whether the recipient or payor, many Massachusetts parents can appreciate the importance of Child support payments. Child support provides a financial means of support for children, giving them the ability to thrive. When Child support payments fall behind, children and their primary caretakers may be left with little financial support. It is for this reason that the most egregious of cases involving failure to pay back Child support may result in Contempt actions and jail time for the non-paying parent.

Worcester city manager opposes foreclosure mediation ordinance

As previously discussed on this blog, trends in the local and national housing markets suggest that things are improving. Here in Worcester, however, foreclosures continue to be a big problem for some homeowners. Members of the city council have been attempting to propose new ways of helping people subject to foreclosure stay in their homes.

Massachusetts storage center expected to spur redevelopment

Massachusetts business investors and others who view re-zoning as a means to spur economic growth will be interested to hear of the proposed plans for a new development in Pittsfield. The owners of what was once Pittsfield Plaza at 434 W. Housatonic St. (Route 20) have introduced plans for a new self-storage facility and remodeling of the shopping center at the location.

Correcting mistaken beliefs when it comes to property division

Even in the most amicable Massachusetts divorce, property division can be an emotional and stressful process. Ultimately, this can lead to property division disputes. Both men and women unfamiliar with the divorce process often have mistaken beliefs when it comes to property division. A MetroWest Boston Divorce Lawyer will inform and assist couples throughout the process, so that in many cases people leave a divorce in much better condition than expected.

Waiting may help buyers making residential real estate purchases

Jumping into the residential housing market can be scary for first-time home buyers as well as seasoned homeowners. Here in Worcester and across the nation, investors have made housing prices rise to unexpected levels and new development has been somewhat slow, creating fierce competition over the few residential properties currently available. While some people may be in a position to comfortably get into a new home, others may be on the fence over whether now is a good time to dive into the market.

Massachusetts divorce filings among same-sex couples

As one of the first states to legalize same-sex marriage, Massachusetts is no stranger to domestic partnership issues. Westborough family law attorneys have expanded the legal services offered to clients over the years to account for these changes in family law and the complexities that can arise.

Off property factors can influence residential real estate sales

It is a fear that many Massachusetts homeowners face. Their friendly neighbors decide to move out and they put their home up for sale. Homeowners all around the newly offered property begin to wonder just who will move in and how those new residents' behaviors will impact their community.

Jordan Hospital, Beth Israel sign merger deal

Jordan Health Systems Inc. and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center entered a merger agreement to combine their Massachusetts companies. Plymouth-based Jordan Hospital will likely change its name following the business reorganization to fit with the system that includes Beth Israel Deaconess-Milton and Beth Israel Deaconess-Needham.

NBA star and ex-wife reach $5 million divorce settlement

As readers of our Worchester family law blog may be aware, professional basketball player Dwyane Wade and his ex-wife have finally reached a settlement in a drawn out public divorce battle. The Miami Heat National Basketball Association player and his ex-wife recently reached a $5 million divorce settlement. Wade will pay out the multi-million dollar settlement in addition to several other stipulations. His ex-wife will receive the former couple's mansion in Chicago and four cars. The pair has also signed a "non-disparage" agreement which prohibits either from degrading one another to the public.

Residential real estate matters drive buyer concerns

The residential real estate market is changing. Though the last few years have been marked by enough homes on the market to satisfy buyers' demands, the number of homes available for purchase has dropped off both here in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the country. Additionally, rising home prices and rising mortgage interest rates are driving up concerns among buyers who fear that they may not be able to get into the homes they want without spending more money than they have budgeted.

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