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May 2013 Archives

Divorce rates increase as housing market rebounds

As the economy and housing market continue to rebound following the Great Recession, readers of our Massachusetts family law blog may be surprised to learn that the divorce rate has steadily been increasing. This is true for Massachusetts divorces, as well as the divorce rate across the county.

Steady stream of foreclosed homes available in Worcester

As summer approaches, some homeowners in Worcester might be contemplating whether it is a good time to put their homes on the market. As previously discussed on this blog, the Worcester real estate market appears to be improving and some sellers are experiencing multiple offers on their available properties. Even though it seems that now may be a good time to get into the market, a particular group of sellers is gradually offering properties from their stores of available homes.

Boston building sells for $100 million

One of the largest recent commercial transactions in Boston transferred ownership of the 11-story office building located at 40 Broad Street in the Financial District. TIAA-CREF purchased the building in a real estate sale reported to have totaled $110 million.

Massachusetts business plans to occupy two spaces in mall

ZYP Fitness Plus plans to occupy two separate locations in the Hanover Mall. The company, which started in the basement of the owner's home, started in 2009 when she wanted to teach a Zumba class. The owner began teaching the class on a weekly basis with as little as nine participants.

Study finds view of prenuptial agreements varies among genders

As previously discussed in our Worchester family law blog, marital agreements no longer carry the stigma associated with them in the past. Massachusetts family law attorneys use prenuptial agreements as a tool to assist clients in the division of their assets in the worst case scenario. Prenups are planning devices that can actually help foster a harmonious marriage.

Residential real estate prices nowhere near bubble

Anyone trying to buy a home in Massachusetts may have noticed that residential real estate prices are up from recent years, and people trying to sell their homes may be encouraged by rising listing prices. Some people may fear that rising prices are setting local economies up for the fallout of another market crash. Others may have confidence that the positive trend in home prices is a sign that the country is making economic progress.

Facebook settles lawsuit over timeline trademark

Massachusetts business owners may be interested in the outcome of a recent trademark infringement case involving Facebook. According to Facebook's latest SEC filing, the social-networking company has settled a case with a Chicago-based company Timelines, Inc. over Facebook's use of the word "timeline" to describe its historical archive. Timelines was founded by former ShopLocal executives to be a photo-centric website.

Denise Richards granted temporary custody of Sheen's twins

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards have been in the news again recently, but for reasons that may be somewhat unexpected. Sheen and Richards have teamed up to decide what is best for his and Brooke Mueller's 3-year-old twin boys. It's reported that Richards has been granted temporary custody of the young boys while their mother is being treated for addiction. The twins were recently taken away from her care by the Department of Children and Family Services.

Practical guidance for buying a home

As previously discussed on this blog, the Worcester housing market is picking up and residential housing prices are on the rise. With market trends booming, many people can easily get swept up in the excitement of pursuing a real estate purchase. For most people, buying a home is a lengthy process that requires the assistance of real estate professionals due to the complexities that surround real estate transactions.

Snack food maker seeks increase in sales

Hanover-based Utz Quality Foods Inc. has a plan to achieve a total of $1 billion in sales by the company's 100th birthday in 2021. The company makes pretzels, potato chips and other snacks. In the last two years, Utz has acquired three companies on its path to hitting $1 billion. Many small snack companies are using mergers and acquisitions as part of a business reorganization that allows them to compete with larger corporations.

Kardashian and Humphries reach divorce settlement

As readers of our Massachusetts family law blog may be aware, the divorce between reality star Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries has been finalized. The matter had previously been set to go to trial later this year, but the pair have been able to reach an agreement to avoid further litigation. The ongoing legal battle between the couple has been making headlines since they split following 72 days of marriage. Kardashian filed for divorce in October of 2011, and more than a year and a half of litigation has ensued. It is reported that Humphries, who plays for the Brooklyn Nets, will not receive any money from Kardashian in the divorce settlement.

Worcester foreclosure ordinance has consequences

As previously discussed on this blog, Worcester housing prices are increasing and generally positive signs are beginning to emerge in the local housing market. Despite these improving trends, many people are still facing foreclosure of their residential real estate and fighting their lenders to work out reasonable repayment plans. While some have managed to stay in their homes, others have lost their battles with the banks and had to move out.

BP faces additional lawsuits after Gulf oil spill

Businesses and pension holders from Massachusetts to California are watching the outcome of a particular federal lawsuit. BP, the company that made the news during the Gulf oil spill, now faces a lawsuit after it allegedly did not report safety issues to its New York City pension fund. The fund has filed a lawsuit for a minimum of $39 million in losses. The lawsuit, which was filed on April 17 in Manhattan, claims that the company misled investors. Parties involved in the business litigation include city employees, emergency personnel, teachers and police officers. The lawsuit claims that BP tried to minimize the damage and the resulting costs after the April 20, 2010, explosion killed 11 employees in the largest oil spill in American history.

Wife of former MLB owner alleges fraud in asset valuation

Massachusetts residents who follow major league baseball have probably heard about the recent sale of the Dodgers for $2.15 billion to a conglomerate of investors that including the famous basketball player "Magic" Johnson and others. Now, the former owner's ex-wife has sued the former owner, seeking to set aside her divorce settlement as a fraud. According to her, the former owner had stated in the course of their divorce settlement that this family business asset was worth only $300 million.

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