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February 2013 Archives

Massachusetts AG's services help homeowners in crisis

Foreclosures continue to be an issue for many Massachusetts residents. Homeowners facing the loss of their homes have many options to stall the foreclosure process, though, ranging from modification of their loans to filing for personal bankruptcies. There's even the possibility of selling the homes in a newly resurrected real estate market. To take advantage of these options, homeowners need to know what they qualify for. To help, the state's attorney general has established the HomeCorps program.

10 Traits of Successful Business Owners

Many Massachusetts residents wonder what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. As jobs become scarce, a business formationgains in appeal to those who have always dreamed of owning their own company. However, venturing into the business world without the right tools can be disastrous.There are common traits among successful entrepreneurs, and it pays to study them so that you can evaluate your own personality and determine whether you have what it takes to run your own company. For example, one trait that most successful business owners share is passion for their work, which serves as a strong motivating factor. It is likewise imperative that they are also resilient and able to change with evolving realities in their field. Business owners must have a strong sense of themselves and be willing to listen to others who disagree.

Trial date set in Kardashian and Humphries' divorce

For many Worcester residents, divorce may be one of the most difficult things in life to face. Partners are faced with splitting up their marital property, debts and decisions must be made on issues such as alimony, child custody and visitation. The experience of a Central Massachusetts family law attorney is essential, especially if your divorce involves contested divorce proceedings.

Construction company to keep headquarters in Auburn

When a company is looking to expand its headquarters, it may look outside of its current city to do so. One established company in Massachusetts was looking to expand but was able to remain in the same location with the help of a neighboring establishment. The real estate transaction that took place was a benefit to both entities.

Nuclear plants reimbursed by feds

Three New England nuclear power plants have won a long-fought battle for reimbursement of costs associated with the disposal of waste material. The business litigation pitted Massachusetts' Yankee Atomic, Connecticut Yankee and Maine Yankee against the federal government to recover almost $160 million in expenses. While the federal government has decided not to appeal a decision by the U. S. Court of Appeals awarding the costs, the litigation continues with the plants' claim for an additional $247 million in reimbursement to ratepayers.The plants claimed that the money they had previously collected from the government was earmarked for disposal expenses. However, they were forced to use this money to pay for storage facilities since the government, which had originally contracted to remove the waste, had nowhere to put it. The states attempted to force the government to comply with its original agreement, but the current administration has stalled the development of a storage site in Nevada.

Prenups help Massachusetts couples plan for the future

Readers in Worcester probably know there are numerous benefits to entering into a prenuptial agreement. The stigma associated with these marital agreements is virtually a thing of the past. Couples find that prenuptial agreements actually help to promote a harmonious marriage, especially since one of the leading factors of divorce is disagreement over finances.

Massachusetts beach town plans large-scale face lift

The recession and the passage of time have left many towns throughout the United States shells of their former selves. This is especially true for a town like Hull, Massachusetts, which many of our readers are likely familiar with. The town that runs along Nantasket Beach just south of Boston is a sad scene of vacant properties and closed stores during the winter months when there is no beach traffic.

Protecting your family's interests in a Massachusetts divorce

As readers of our Massachusetts family blog may be aware, divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences of a person's life. Emotions can run high as couples face decisions regarding the division of their marital property and debts, which they may have spent a lifetime accumulating. A divorce may also face additional complications if there are children involved, as decisions must be made regarding child custody and visitation, as well as child support.

Cost of doing business in Massachusetts higher than average

Labor and utility costs could be blamed for the high cost of business formation in Massachusetts, according to a recent report. The Economic Competitiveness Benchmarking Report, published by the Business Leaders of Michigan, ranked each state's business climate in terms of obstacles and benefits. Massachusetts costs were said to be 22 percent more than the national average even though the Commonwealth scored well in the areas of education and talent. Experts are concerned that Massachusetts has reached a saturation point in terms of how many new business it can expect to support given the high cost of owning a company. Using figures from Moody's Analytics, experts state that Massachusetts business owners have higher costs than anywhere else in the country.

New figures on Massachusetts divorce filings released

Readers of our Worcester family law blog may be interested to know that new information related to divorce trends was gathered in a recent study. It is estimated that nearly one million divorces occur every year on a national scale. The study also found many of the participants have apprehension about getting married because of the possibility of divorce.

Foreclosures increase for Massachusetts residents

A foreclosure may occur as a result of financial challenges, such as unexpected medical bills, divorce or the loss of a job. Real estate purchases that are made during a boom in the housing market may well result in foreclosures during a recession. It is unsurprising, therefore, that a recent increase in new foreclosures seems to have occurred throughout Massachusetts.

Massachusetts business group endorses casino plans

A business group in western Massachusetts has announced its endorsement of Mohegan Sun's business formation of a destination resort and casino in the city of Palmer. This new casino represents one of four proposals for the license granted to the region. The Quaboag Hills Chamber of Commerce cited the city's proximity to a major highway and four other states as factors in its decision to back the Mohegan Sun project. The Chamber expressed hopes that the casino will contribute to economic growth in the area. The Quaboag Chamber of Commerce represents businesses in 15 cities in the region. Mohegan Sun stated that it hopes to work in cooperation with the Chamber to promote an operator loyalty program for casino owners that will encourage local patronage of the business.

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